"Stylish, but not as fast as it looks. It has VTOL capability, but the shape makes for a small payload."
Harry's description of this plane in the shop.

The Yakovlev 38 (NATO reporting name of "Forger A") was a Russian VTOL aircraft, and the only operational VTOL strike craft used by the Soviet Naval Aviation. It was produced in 1971, introduced in 1976, and retired in 1991. The "Forger A" was the first model of the Yak-38. It only appears in Airforce Delta Strike, where it is used by the Ganos Flight Army Division, and can be used by Alex Levine.


A typical VTOL design, it bears a slight resemblance to the Harrier jets; a long frame, single vertical stabilizer, and two small wings. It possesses two small engines located under the craft, along with a lifter fan, located behind the cockpit.


It's not very good. All of its stats are bad. The only stats it has over the T-58 which you have by default are Defense and Anti Ground Attack. Aside from that, it's just... Bad. Rocket Pods are alright for getting money, but this thing is just so slow and so crap, it just isn't worth it. And like a lot of VTOLs, it lacks machine guns. Save your money for something actually worth a damn.


(Clockwise starting from top)

Type Stats
Anti Air Attack: Low
Mobility: Low
Defense: Medium (2600 HP)
Anti Ground Attack: Medium
Thrust: Very low (No afterburners)
Speed: Very low

Enemy Appearances (Missions)


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