The Lockheed Corporation YF-12A is a proposed interceptor variation of the infamous SR-71. It is a twin-seater version of the A-12 Oxcart (In turn, the recon aircraft that would lead to the production of the twin-seating SR-71). However, it was eventually cancelled. It only appears in Airforce Delta Strike and features prominently in the mission Hyper Speed Rick.


This aircraft looks identical to the SR-71, unsurprisingly. It has the same incredibly large profile, humongous jet engines, and small wingspan and narrow front section.


It is the second fastest aircraft in the game, (Slightly beaten out by the F-108) but outside of that, stats are incredibly poor. It has decent Anti Air, but mobility is horrible, defense is trash, and it's only good for a niche role. If you want a dogfighting plane for Rick, this is NOT a plane for you (We recommend the Su-37, which you unlock by this point anyways).

Compared to the F-108, this craft is superior in overall control (It rolls slightly better), and it has decent Stealth. Anti Air and Anti Ground is also superior. However, it has a worse special weapon (ML-AAMs are much less accurate than HM-AAMs), and lower armaments overall (70 standard missiles as opposed to the F-108's 150).


(Clockwise starting from top)

Type Stats
Anti Air Attack: High
Mobility: Very low
Defense: Low (1700 HP)
Anti Ground Attack: Low
Thrust: Maximum
Speed: Maximum



  • Although this plane is unlocked for free, its price would technically be 200,000 credits due to how repair prices for planes are calculated (50% of the plane's price to purchase, hundred-digit numbers rounded up).
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