The XF-27 Pleiadus (Seemingly a misspelling of Pleiades) is a fictional variation of the F/A-22 Raptor that only appears in Airforce Delta Storm.


Unlike the XF-23CR Blackhollow, the design of this craft is much different to that of the Raptor. The Pleiadus does possess the same thrust-vectoring engines as the Raptor, as well as a vaguely similar front end, but similarities end there. This craft has incredibly wild looking wings, oddly shaped vertical stabilizers, and is overall a completely different beast. Judging from its name, wing shape and additional ventral stabilizers, it may as well be Konami's parody take on of Ace Combat's XFA-27.


Compared to the Raptor, most stats are improved. However, oddly, mobility on this craft is actually lower than the Raptor's, but only to a marginal degree. Aside from that, everything is superior. Compared to the XF-0001 Mercury, another variation of the Raptor, the Mercury possesses better defense and mobility, but the Pleiadus has better Attack and Range. Overall, the Pleiadus is a very good craft, and is a good backup for the likes of the XF-0002 Phosphorus and the MiG-1.44 MFI.


Type Stats
Attack: Medium-high
Defense: Very high (4700 HP)
Speed: Very high
Power: Maximum
Mobility: Very high (!)
Missile: 80
Ability: Stealth
Range: 5
  • (!) - Mobility stat is higher in the PAL version, but still Very High.

Enemy Appearances (Missions)


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