The XF-23CR Blackhollow is a fictional variation of the YF-23 Black Widow II. It only appears in Airforce Delta Storm.


This plane looks nearly identical to the YF-23 - In fact, the only noticeable visual differences are a few more "fins" located under the back of the plane, near the vertical stabilizers. It also possesses front canards, unlike the YF-23. Aside from that, differences are incredibly minor.


In fact, the minor differences fact even goes into the stats - Literally the only difference in stats between this and the YF-23 is an incredibly minute increase in Attack (Which, by itself, only adds three missiles to the Blackhollow), and even more minor increase in Mobility. It also possesses one additional Range. Aside from that, the only reason why you would use this over the YF-23 is if you like how it looks compared to the Black Widow II. Practical differences are nigh-nonexistent.


Attack: Medium-high

Defense: High (4500 HP)

Speed: Very high

Power: Maximum

Mobility: High (!)

Missile: 75

Ability: Stealth

Range: 5

  • (!) - Mobility stat is Very High in the PAL version.

Enemy Appearances (Missions)