This page is referring to the V/TOL variant of the X-32 that appears exclusively in Airforce Delta Strike. If you're looking for the standard model of the X-32, see X-32A. If you're looking for the original test-bed of the X-32 that appears in Airforce Delta and Airforce Delta Storm, see JSF X-32.
"Why's it cost so much? Because it's an advanced experimental VTOL aircraft with stealth capabilities, that's why."
Harry's description of this plane in the shop.

The Boeing X-32B is the V/TOL variant of the X-32A. Like its ilk, it was designed for the Joint-Strike Fighter program. It lost to Lockheed Martin's X-35, which would become the controversial (at the time) F-35. It appears exclusively in Airforce Delta Strike and is used by Alex Levine.


This craft, obviously, looks similar to its sister, the X-32A. However, the wingspan is noticeably different (being a small delta-like shape instead of the traditional wings the A model has), and it has a lifter fan in the body, used for its V/TOL capabilities.


A fairly decent aircraft, this plane does have problems. It has major competition with the Yak-141 "Freestyle", as that plane is also an attacker-V/TOL with the Air-to-Surface Missile special weapon. However, that plane has vulcans, and doesn't have awkward internal bomb-bays like the X-32B possesses. As a result, the Yak-141 is arguably the superior aircraft, despite this plane technically having better stats.


(Clockwise starting from top)

Type Stats
Anti Air Attack: Medium-low
Mobility: Medium-high
Defense: Medium-high (3500 HP)
Anti Ground Attack: High
Thrust: Medium
Speed: Medium-low


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