"Thrust vectoring gives this fighter superb handling, but I might have messed up the balance when I attached the weapons..."
Harry's description of this plane in the shop.

The X-31A is an experimental plane that appears exclusively in Airforce Delta Strike. It was developed as part of the joint US and German Enhanced Fighter Maneuverability program. It was very successful, one plane crashing notwithstanding. It is only used by John Rundal.


The X-31A is a very small fighter, with a single engine and two fairly small wings, along with front canards. It possesses a single vertical stabilizer, and it has thrust vectoring.


The X-31A is John's most maneuverable plane. It is also armed with a decent salvo of missiles, and HM-AAMs, which gives it a superb edge in dogfights. However, its anti ground attack is poor, thus it should not be used for ground operations. It also has somewhat poor defense, so care will be needed. Although it has low thrust, it has afterburner engines, and can get to a decently high speed. However, it lacks vulcans, which means you'll be getting low amounts of money from kills with the plane.


(Clockwise starting from the top)

Type Stats
Anti Air Attack: High
Mobility: Maximum
Defense: Medium-low (2000 HP)
Anti Ground Attack: Minimum
Thrust: Low
Speed: High


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