This page depicts all scripted dialogue in the mission Wind Valley and its Intercept in Airforce Delta Strike.


Lilia: Well! Everyone's here, I see.

Robert: Hold it there, Lilia. I'd appreciate it if you'd let me address the troops.

Lilia: Well, I've always found your addresses a bit pointless...but fine, go ahead. This is no time for pointless bickering. Amelia, give us the orders and a situation update.

Amelia: Yes, ma'am. The air force has calculated the position of the enemy's long-range artillery and has decided to take them out at all costs. The Delta Squadron is to fly through Marinor Canyon en route to Area PB-42. Delta is to scramble immediately. You're to fly low-altitude through Marinor and take out the enemy before reinforcements have time to arrive. That is all.

Ruth: Why do we have to fly through the canyon anyway?

Amelia: This is still unconfirmed, but we think the enemy has a new type of anti-air weapon in place.

Lilia: We don't want to lose any bombers, right? You should thank me for picking such an easy route.

Robert: We don't have much time, team. Our bomber squad is already leaving the base. If you don't scramble, you won't get there before them.

Lilia: We can't afford to lose any more air power. That's why we're only sending a few birds this time. Your job is to zap all the bad guys before our bombers arrive.

Robert: Delta Squadron, move out. And make a nice, clear path for our big brothers. Good luck and fight hard!

[briefing ends]

New Generation

Amelia: Huh? Oh! Radar signal!, enemy units! Counting five bombers, one fighter.

Ruth: (if playing as Ken or a 1st Element character) Only one fighter? Are you sure?

Amelia: (if playing as Ken or a 1st Element character) Yes... No mistake. Only one fighter on radar.

Ruth: (if playing as Ken or a 1st Element character) Who do they think they're dealing with? One fighter for 5 bombers?!

Pierre: (if playing as Ken or a 1st Element character) Ah ha ha! Think one's not enough?! One fighter, sure. But I'm the pilot! No matter how many you got, you can't take me down! Not a chance! I'm an ace, and you don't wanna mess with me!

Ruth: (if playing as Ken or a 1st Element character) H-he's crazy!

John: (if playing as Ruth) Huh, just one... Is that all?

Amelia: (if playing as Ruth) Yes. No mistake.

John: (if playing as Ruth) This is a waste of time! Let's get it over with!

Pierre: (if playing as Ruth) Ah ha! Ah ha ha! Confidence! I like that! But it won't last long! I'm the best there is! Come on, let's have some fun! Don't die right away!

John: (if playing as Ruth) Shut it! You're way out of your league...

Pierre: (if playing as Ruth) W-what?! Damn you!

Ken: (if playing as John) Nomad, request one more radar sweep just to be sure.

Amelia: (if playing as John) There's no mistake! The radar shows just one craft!

Ken: (if playing as John) Are they playing with us...? Or maybe...

Pierre: (if playing as John) Ah ha ha! Finding it a bit hard to swallow?! Indulge me! I'm bored of easy prey! Don't go down too easy! I wanna have a bit of fun!

Ken: (if playing as John) T-this guy's got a screw loose...

Amelia: (after a few bombers are shot down) Enemy is incoming, alone. Adopt loose formation and intercept! Take out as many of those bombers as you can too!

Pierre: (when the player comes after him) No! Come on, indulge me some more! (After bombers are shot down) The bombers are all gone... My task is complete. And I haven't even started to enjoy myself. Right, let's go! (when shot down) How?! How can this be happening to me...?! Dammit! Shift! Piece of junk! Damn plane letting me down again! Not the time to die! Punching out!

[intercept mission ends]

Pre-Mission Cutscene for Wind Valley (Invisible Attack)

[at Marinor Canyon, a Type-P1: Lid drives up to a cliffside]

Operator: Reached intercept point.

Officer: Prepare to fire!

[the Type-P1: Lid rises]

Operator: Anchor posts deployed!

[the Type-P1: Lid releases its supports which dig into the ground]

Operator: Ready to fire the phi gun.

[the Type-P1: Lid's windmill opens up and adjusts itself]

Officer: Initiate!

[pre-mission cutscene ends with the Type-P1: Lid's deployed windmill spinning at a high speed]


Amelia: Target is the anti-aircraft weapon at the far end of Marinor Canyon. Watch your altitude, and don't pull up above the canyon. You'll be taken out by AA if you do.

David: What are you stooging around for? Let's roll!

Collette: Zipper!

Constance: (not subtitled) After you, lead!

Amelia: Python 1, you are too high! Break low!

David: There's nothing to worry about up here!

Amelia: (not subtitled) Python 1, your altitude!

David: Wh-what?! The controls...! Arrrrgh! [gets blown away by the powerful wind current created by the Type-P1: Lids]

Collette: Wh-what?! Aaaah! [gets blown away like David]

Constance: (not subtitled) No-nooo! [gets blown away like the others]

Amelia: A-all Python units have been wiped out... A-all units. Please watch your altitude...

John: (if playing as Ken) ...That's a joke! You've just gotta go where the wind can't.

Ken: (if playing as Ruth) What?! The plane's being blown around?! Watch it, everyone.

Ruth: (if playing as John) Blown around? By this air blower?

Rick: (if playing as Jamie) Sure it's a joke. You wouldn't even notice at high speed.

Alex: (if playing as Rick) A crosswind? Well, I guess it's a bit of a problem.

Jamie: (if playing as Alex) It'll be pretty tough for this old bird. But we'll get by!

Pedro: (if playing as Holst) Yeah, you'll be blown away. But isn't it just an extractor fan?

Holst: (if playing as Brian) Careful of that weird machine! You'll be blown away!

Operator: Air blasting program in full-mode.

Officer: Hmm. How did it perform?

Operator: Radar reports three aircraft eliminated.

Officer: Not bad. Contact the 8th Wing. Tell them to close in from behind.

Operator: Yes, sir.

Officer: Now they're trapped!

Amelia: Watch your 6 o'clocks! Bogeys incoming fast!

Albert: Delta...! I've been waiting for this! Time for payback! First the Kotor stronghold! And then revenge for the Commander! No prisoners! Your enemy is Delta! This is Storm. Entering hot zone. Storm to Cyclops crew. Watch your altitude and waste lead bandits!

Cyclops: Copy!

Albert: Doll, remain in backup but keep the bandits in your sights.

Ellen: Roger.

Albert: Let's roll! Zap any bandits you get a visual on!

[when the player flies into the gorge, the following seven lines are said]

Ellen: Wind? The plane'll be swept away!

Albert: Watch the wind! What a heap of junk! Where were they thinking of?

Operator: Fan blades' temperature and revolution rate stabilized.

Officer: Hmm. There's nothing to do while we're just waiting.

Operator: Can't be helped, be once it's in operation, it goes on for a while.

Officer: Not easy to handle, is it?

Operator: No.

Albert: (if playing as a 3rd Element character) I wanted to meet you too, Mr. Blue...!

Ken: (if playing as Ruth or John) You again?!

Albert: (if playing as a 3rd Element character) It's time to finish this!

Ken: (if playing as Ruth or John) It's your call, tough guy. Come on.

Albert: (if playing as a 3rd Element character) I've had enough of you! I'm taking you down!

Ken: (if playing as Ruth or John) Are you gonna bark all day, little doggie, or are you gonna bite?

Albert: (if playing as a 3rd Element character) You piss me off beyond all belief! I've never been so angry in my life!

Ken: (if playing as Ruth or John) You can't beat me with that attitude.

Albert: (if playing as Ruth or John) The outcome is obvious. You will lose.

Ken: (if playing as Ruth or John) We'll see.

Albert: (if playing as Ruth or John) You...!

Ellen: (if playing as Ruth or John) That blue jet pilot! The one who's always chasing Storm!

Ken: (if playing as Ruth or John) That voice...! It is Ellen!

Ellen: (if playing as Ruth or John) Storm's not given clearance, but you're going down!

Ken: (if playing as Ruth or John) It's me, Ken!

Ellen: (if playing as Ruth or John) You... You're trying to confuse me! Why!

Ken: (if playing as Ruth or John) ...Don't you remember?

Ellen: (if playing as Ruth or John) What are these feelings I'm having?

Ken: (if playing as Ruth or John) Or maybe you're just an OCC trick!

Ellen: (if playing as Ruth or John) Why do I feel so strange when I'm around you!

Ken: (if playing as Ruth or John) I can't tell... Ellen, is it you...?

Ellen: (if playing as Ruth or John) Tell me now!! Or I swear I'll kill you!

Ken: (if playing as Ruth or John) Stop!

Ellen: (if playing as Ruth or John) With you out of the way, I will be complete!

Ken: (if playing as Ruth or John) Don't shoot! It's me...! Ellen!

Ellen: (if playing as Ruth or John) Time for you to disappear!

Ken: (if playing as Ruth or John) Don't shoot! Ellen! You're not my enemy!

[if the player plays as a character from 1st or 2nd Element, the following two lines will be said]

Ellen: That blue jet...? Wh-what am I saying?! Why am I so obsessed with this blue jet? I hate this!

Albert: The blue jet isn't here?! But why? I'll finish this quick and then hunt him down! Come on, then! You EDAF dogs!

[while Albert, Ellen, and the Cyclops units fly through the gorge, the following seven lines may potentially be said]

Albert: Bang! You're dead!

Ellen: Bandit acquired. Die!!

Ellen: Happy landings!

Cyclops 2: Hit!! Ha ha! Looks like I got first blood!

Cyclops 2: Locked on bandit! Eat lead!

Cyclops 3: Gotcha! Down you go!

Cyclops 3: Enemy in range! Eat this!

[when the player reaches where the Type-P1: Lids are, the following eight lines are said]

Operator: Enemy has reached point A!

Officer: What?! They've got this far... Aim the weapon downwards!

Operator: That's not possible!

Officer: If the supports of the device are broken, it'll topple over!

Operator: We've got to stop the program!

Officer: No! If we do that...

Operator: But if we leave it...

Officer: Don't allow the enemy to destroy the supports!

[if Albert and/or Ellen touch the wind being blown through large vents, they may say the following six lines]

Albert: Can you dodge...this?

Albert: Watch the wind!

Albert: What was that?! Try aiming first!

Ellen: Oh! I'd better watch it or I'll hit those rocks!

Ellen: Where's the wind?

Ellen: Why? Why won't it hit?

Albert: (if shot down first) What?! Dammit! Eject!

Ellen: (if Albert is shot down first) Storm! You-you'll pay for that! (if shot down after Albert) What?! This is Doll, ejecting! (if shot down first) This is Doll! Extensive damage! Punching out!

Albert: (if Ellen is shot down first) Hit again?! Seems like it's too much for you, Doll. (if shot down after Ellen) My plane... Punching out! Why? Why can't I beat them?!

Officer: (after the player destroys one of the supports for any of the Type-P1: Lids) We'll defend this place to the last!

Operator: (after the player randomly destroys any one of the supports for the Type-P1: Lids) The supports have been destroyed. Reducing power to maintain balance.

[after the player destroys both supports for a Type-P1: Lid for the first time, the following five lines are said]

Operator: Huh? They're flying in it?

Officer: What are you talking about?

Operator: Er... well. They, er... they are flying through it...

Officer: Have you stopped the blowing program?

Operator: Well, no! Er... I mean, well...

Officer: (after the player destroys both supports for all the Type-P1: Lids) Damn! What is our army doing?! What! This is the end...

[mission ends]


[in meeting room]

Brian: [exhausted] ...

John: [angry] ...Move it, punk.

Brian: ...

John: ...Get outta my way now, kid!

Holst: [angry] Lieutenant Rundal, that's enough. Try and show some maturity, will you?

John: ...Hmph!

Jamie: [sadly] The kid's looking pretty out of it.

Holst: [calms down] Yeah, well, we've been at it without a break since we took the Kotor stronghold. You don't look so hot, yourself, Captain.

Jamie: Hmph. It's no fun getting old. It always shows up in your face if you try and push it too hard...

Alex: [angry] This has been pretty hard on all of us. We just keep making one excursion after another.

Rick: [sadly] You can say that again! I don't see how we can keep this up forever.

Pedro: At least the enemy isn't getting any new recruits, either. At this point, it's just a contest to see who can hold out longer.

Rick: This sure has gotten to be one damn, dirty business.

Pedro: Yeah, and a few of us have gotten some pretty hard psychological knocks, too...

Ken: [frustrated] ... Ellen...

Ruth: [worried] ...

Ken: I... I don't know if I could really do it... Could I ever really pull the trigger, and watch Ellen die...?

Alex: [sympathizes] ...Yeah, I can't imagine having to fight a loved one. That's gotta do a real bad number on your head!

Pedro: And Lieutenant Valentine knows how hard he's taking it, too. She's really wearing herself out worrying about him.

John: [calms down and smiles] ...That makes two useless, sentimental idiots.

Pedro: Hey! That's pretty damn cold, Lieutenant Rundal!

John: [stubbornly] Hmph! Whatever. Just leaves more prey for me, that's all.

Pedro: Anyway, it looks like we're all going to have to really push it to the limit for a while.

Holst: I know Brian's definitely getting tired. I just hope all of this doesn't drag down our capabilities...

[transitions to O.C.C. side in the area where people go to speak to Navigator who is unseen in debriefings]

Pierre: We haven't met, have we? I'm Pierre Gallo. Nice to meet the great "Ace" Albert Ungar.

Albert: ...

Pierre: [smiles and puts his hands on his hips] Not the friendly type, eh? Or are you just shy in front of Navigator? I guess you Class H guys don't get to see him much.

Albert: I just don't feel like talking to people who confuse their own abilities with ones that've been handed to them.

Pierre: [angry] ...What?!

Navigator: ENOUGH!

Pierre: [calms down] ...You just escaped an ass-kicking on that one, Ace Man...


Albert: ...I have a question.

Navigator: YES?

Albert: It's about Doll... Ellen... in my unit. I was hoping you could tell me more about her history.


Albert: [angry] On our last sortie, she got really shaken up by an enemy pilot. She has a[sic] some kind of problem as a OCC pilot. This is the problem which cannot be left.

Navigator: ...

Albert: So can you tell me? About her past...?


Albert: [calms down] ...Uh, all right.


Albert: Yes, sir. I'll be careful.


Albert: There's a meeting about what to do with Doll. If you'll excuse me...

Navigator: FINE.

[Albert leaves]

Pierre: [smiles] ...Say, I've got a favor to ask.

Navigator: WHAT IS IT?

Pierre: Instead of keeping that horrible fellow around, why don't you just upgrade me into, like, a super-soldier or something?


Pierre: I mean, it's never too late for improvements. You should at least be able to make me better than him, easy. [smiles and puts his hands on his hips] I'm sick of it, I mean. Why should I have to ride planes fighting like some mere human? I want to be... more, you know?


Pierre: [smiles with his hands no longer on his hips] It's settled, then! Think you can come get me? It's pretty hard to get out to space now that they've taken Chiron Tower.


[transitions to O.C.C. operations room where Albert is]

Albert: If they won't tell me anything, fine. I've got my own ways of getting information. I may not be able to look at the research data, but I ought to be able to get a look at the EDAF's data, anyway. (background fades to black behind Albert) Nothing's going to stop me from getting to Pale Blue. Not one thing!

[debriefing ends]

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