"Navarone Campaign" New Generation is an Intercept mission for Delta Squadron 1st and 3rd Elements in Airforce Delta Strike that plays prior to Wind Valley. Like all other Intercept missions, this mission cannot be replayed in Free Mission mode.


On the way to the valley, Delta Squadron intercepts a group of P.S.A.A. bombers, seemingly on route to allied territory. In addition, they notice with bafflement that there is but one escort; Pierre Gallo. However, despite Pierre's big talk, he and the bombers are quickly taken down by the group, and they proceed to the valley to carry on with their mission.


A dirt simple mission. The only actual threat is Pierre himself; the bombers will quickly be eaten by your allied Delta units, and even if they weren't they can't even attack you. Just take out Pierre and win the level. If anything, the only true challenge is actually killing all the bombers before your allied planes do it for you!

Enemy List

Enemy Unit Number HP Score
Pierre 1 D 49,000
Tu-160 "Blackjack" 5 D 30,000


The reward for this mission is 50,000 credits plus a variable amount depending on how the enemies were taken out. Progression to Wind Valley is also unlocked.


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  • This is the only Intercept mission to have enemies that cannot attack the player.


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