"Navarone Campaign" Wind Valley is a mission for all elements of Delta Squadron in Airforce Delta Strike.


In preparation to assault the O.C.C.'s giant railgun batteries, the E.D.A.F. learn of a new anti air system over the bomber squadron's target route. Delta Squadron is sent through a valley out of reach of the AA weapon's wind currents to destroy it and allow the bomber squadron's safe passage to the Navarone battery. Within the valley, they must avoid gigantic air vents whilst being pursued by the Merv Alliance, led by Albert Ungar and Ellen McNichol.


A few things to note. Firstly, as you might expect, going above the canyon will result in your plane being flung away at high speeds. It IS possible to save yourself if you manage to go back below the canyon, but it's very likely you will lose plenty of progress doing this. And it's even more likely you'll just die, so... Yeah.

Secondly, you have to move quickly; if the enemies flying through the canyon catch up to your craft, they will viciously barrage it with missiles and quickly shoot you down. They are also hard-coded to be invincible until the end of the canyon, so don't even try and shoot them down.

Thirdly, when it comes to flying through the canyon, do NOT make the mistake of trying to avoid the large vents' currents; this will just put you into a lot of disadvantageous positions when it comes to navigating the valley itself. Instead, force your way through the vents' currents; as long as you move quickly and yaw appropriately (Yaw towards the air vent as you pass through it to counteract its wind) you will easily make it through. You can go through the level ridiculously fast, but don't be afraid to slow down a bit to handle the turns.

Once you get to the end, you will notice a Type P1: Lid on the ground. IMMEDIATELY DESTROY IT. Don't even give it a chance to attack you. It will quickly start to blow you around with its fan whilst peppering you with AA fire; the wind will VERY easily blow you into a wall, so destroy it before it even has a chance to. Otherwise, if you're going for the Ellen subquest as Ken, make sure you wait for the Merv planes to arrive and shoot her down. Afterwards, destroy the clamps holding the other P1: Lids; they don't attack you at all, you just have to be careful not to fly above the canyon as you destroy the clamps. After you destroy all the clamps holding the active Lids up, you win the mission.

Enemy List

Enemy Unit Number HP Score
Type-P1: Lid 3 B 12,000
Type-P1: Lid 1 B 12,000
Battery 2 ? 5,000
Ellen 1 C 63,000
Albert 1 C 66,000
MiG-29SMT "Fulcrum C" 2 B 33,000
A-50 "Mainstay"* 1 B 30,000


The reward for this mission is 100,000 credits plus a variable amount depending on the number of enemies taken out and the type of weapon used to take them out. The ability to advance to Phase 9 with the mission Turning Point is unlocked. If all previous 2nd Element missions have been completed up to Phase 9, operation code T8 is also unlocked.


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  • Somewhere above the canyon, an enemy A-50 "Mainstay" is somehow flying around. It cannot be destroyed due to its position above the canyon.


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