"This is a rocket bomb that are[sic] made to cause destruction over an extensive area."
Harry's description of this weapon in the shop.

The Wide Area Mass Destruction Rocket is one of two rocket-type special weapons in Airforce Delta Strike. This weapon, when used, fires a single rocket straight forward. Upon striking a target, or flying for a certain period of time, the rocket explodes into a huge blast, damaging/destroying all caught in the blast radius. However, this also includes the player, if they do not keep a proper distance from the blast. The rockets, like those from the Rocket Pods, lack homing. Upon selecting the weapon, a cross appears on the screen, showing a rough estimate of where the weapon will aim upon being fired.

This weapon is among the rarest in the game, only used on two planes. It also costs a large sum of money, 100,000 Credits for both planes.

This weapon is unique for being one of very few special weapons to have varying ammo among the planes that use it; the F-106A only has a single rocket, while the F-101B has two. This is also one of the exceedingly rare situations where the ammo difference occurs with a normal aircraft and not a Konami Legacy plane.


This weapon is very awkward. You need to be a certain distance from your target, lest you blow yourself to kingdom come along with the enemy. It IS good for dealing with huge clumps of enemies, thanks to the truly amazing blast radius. Plus, like other unguided weapons, it confers a x3 cash bonus upon a kill. However, the limited ammo really kills this weapon. Two shots at the most.


  • Deals heavy damage with splash
  • Truly massive splash damage, the highest in the game, and will generally destroy everything caught in the radius
  • Can be used on both air and ground targets, if you're good at aiming them
  • X3 cash bonus can get you large amounts of money


  • VERY difficult to aim, no guiding
  • Pathetic ammo count (1 or 2 rockets, depending on the plane)
  • Very easy to kill yourself with the weapon


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