Where Are We? is a mission that is only available in the PAL version of Airforce Delta Storm. It cannot be played in campaign mode, only in the free mission menu after completing Black Target.


In this weird level with many fantasy aspects, you have to destroy several targets in different places on the map. Some are on land, others are in the water. There are also a couple of targets in the air. Two targets, known as Moais, are each located in narrow tunnels next to each other in a mountain so be careful not to crash while destroying them. To get Hachiro to appear, you must destroy a large sign with Japanese characters on it located in a pond. This causes Hachiro to suddenly shoot up from the water and he starts floating in the air and around the area. He shoots bullets and missiles at you when you get close enough so be careful while destroying his tentacles. He also rotates and moves his tentacles up down so be careful not to crash into them. Destroying one of his tentacles causes him to rapidly spin in circles. After all of his tentacles are destroyed, you can then finish him off by destroying his head. The mission is completed when all targets are destroyed/shot down.

Mission Objectives

  • Destroy/Shoot down all targets.


There is no reward for completing this mission.

Enemy List

Enemy Unit Number Score
XQ/U-2Bee Fatty 3 -
BB Kangaroo 1 -
Puffy Cloud 6 -
Tigerkatze I 1 -
Moai 2 -
Hachiro 1 -
CG Pigeon 2 -
CG Pigeon 1 -
LCAC Rinrin 3 -
BB Kangaroo 1 -


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  • Unlike other levels, this one features cel shading.
  • This mission is titled "Donburi Island" in the Japanese version.


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