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But it was only fantasy.
The wall was too high, as you can see.
No matter how he tried, he could not break free.
And the worms ate into his brain.

YF-23 BW Livery
Current Status: OFFLINE
News Stuff: Tragedy struck me and my family recently. I'm going to be gone for a while as we recover from the loss.
Editing Schedule: NONE

(Status Meanings)
ONLINE = I'm online and either editing or getting ready to edit to a major degree.
ONLINE = I'm online, but only really checking the wiki and making minor edits here and there.
OFFLINE = I'm offline, most likely for the night. I may still peek on the wiki from time to time.
OFFLINE = I'm offline and taking a hiatus for a small amount of time. I will usually know how long it will last.
OFFLINE = I'm offline and taking a hiatus for an indeterminate amount of time, likely due to real life issues.
Plane stuff is here. User:DMSwordsmaster/Plane Stats
AFD Storm enemy pictures are here. User:DMSwordsmaster/Enemy Plane Pics
Unfinished April Fools Joke. User:DMSwordsmaster/Unfinished April Fools Joke
AFD pictures I keep for archival are here. User:DMSwordsmaster/Unique Image Archive
My Airforce Delta enemy table sandbox is here. User:DMSwordsmaster/Sandbox/AFD Enemy Table
My personal stupid AFD Strike plane guide is here. User:DMSwordsmaster/Basic Plane Guide (DMS Version)

Task list

A lot of tasks are done. I'm going to possibly start making certain mainspace pages look nicer (The main page is in dire need of a visual overhaul) since, due to the recent affiliation deal with the primary Konami wiki, we're going to be under a much more direct microscope. Of course, that requires expertise I somewhat lack...

Tasks I will attempt to do during my free time

Condense somewhat overworded character pages = Partially complete. Most minor characters are finished, but now it's time for the more important characters. Hoo boy.

Transcribe dialogue in missions = Slowly getting there. Andy's helping out with this one. Might transition to that after cleaning things up on the mission pages.

Completed tasks

Create appropriate mission pages = C O M P L E T E Holy shit...

Gather in depth info in regards to usable aircraft, including making the appropriate pages = D O N E

Offer descriptions of aces' colors, as well as get pictures of them = Complete. Thanks Andy.

Make the wiki look nicer = Complete! Thanks to some talented users such as Hellsverg and VicViperWC35, the wiki looks better than it ever has been!

Other trivia things

Favorite 3 songs in Airforce Delta Strike

  1. Up Stream
  2. Intercept 3
  3. Night Blitz

Favorite 3 songs in Airforce Delta Storm

  1. Flames From the Sky
  2. Defending the Zayno
  3. Streets of Rust

Favorite 3 songs in Airforce Delta

  1. Mobile Infantry
  2. The Confrontation
  3. The Island Fortress

Favorite Missions

AFD Strike

Night Blitz. Great mission, fun gameplay. Only downside is it introduces this dillweed.

AFD Storm

I actually haven't played this game yet.


Mobile Infantry. Awesome music. Loads of enemies to blow up. And it has the coolest fucking Su-47 skin ever devised.


This is what happens when I decide to make an image for a "Low Quality Images" template. This is why I should never touch MSPaint ever.

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