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Favorite Missions in the games

Airforce Delta

Airforce Delta Storm

Airforce Delta Strike

Favorite Planes in the Series

Favorite Characters in AFD Strike

  • Ken Thomas: He's good, but I like Ruth better in general. He does get a nice ending though, and he's the key to unlocking Ellen. His planes are also colored blue which is my favorite color.
  • Ruth Valentine: My number one favorite playable character. She's cute, tough, caring, and brave!
  • Jamie Jones: He's a cool old guy who kicks the ass of fighter jet pilots while flying a prop plane.
  • Rick Campbell: My favorite character from Delta 1st Element. His planes are fast and he's entertaining and personable.
  • Alex Levine: He's cool and calm, though somewhat pessimistic. His VTOLs are useful for missions like Night Blitz.
  • Holst Prendre: A great guy who's a father to newbies like Brian. His planes are decent too, for the most part.
  • Pedro Glankert: He may seem rather unpleasant, but he does have a good side. Although you can't play as him, you can make him a useful ally by having Holst pilot a good plane since Pedro flies the same one as him.
  • Brian Douglas: His planes may not be that good but they're not completely useless either and he's generally polite and entertaining, though hotheaded.
  • Robert Williams: The good commander of Delta Squadron.
  • Amelia Johnson: A cute girl with glasses who controls the air like no other.
  • Harry Garrett: My favorite Delta staff member. I like his expressions and he's awesome when it comes to finding many useful planes.
  • Bob Takayanagi: A decent mechanic who can fix destroyed planes and change the space booster to either standard or special depending on your choice.
  • David Smith: He's pretty funny and entertaining since things just usually end badly for him. I just like him because he's fun to watch.
  • Navigator: A mysterious and interesting alien who serves as the game's antagonist. I wish we knew more about him.
  • Albert Ungar: My favorite O.C.C. ace. Not exactly because I like him (I really don't), but because he's a significant threat throughout the game and he makes a good antagonist. It's also soooooooo satisfying to finally take him out in The Confront.
  • Ellen McNichol: She makes a decent antagonist when she's brainwashed, but it's even better to have her on the good side since she reunites with Ken, is much nicer, and has cool planes.
  • Sergei Kinski: He's another decent antagonist who treats his men well. I still don't really like him though since he can be merciless.
  • Giuseppe Ferretti: He's a selfish jerk and a pathetic pilot, but he's also quite entertaining and it's fun to see him have a bad day.
  • Donald Chan: He's kind of creepy and clearly haunted, but he's interesting. I misunderstood him at first, but Demmes explained more about him to me. He also does a lot of crazy twists and loops when he flies his Su-37 and I'm glad he's not as bad as some other O.C.C. aces.
  • Jake Emerson: We may not see him that much in the game, but it's nice to see how loyal and devoted he is to Francine (even though I hate her).

Least Favorite AFD Strike Characters

  • John Rundal: My least favorite playable character. He's a horrible and unpleasant jerk whose good side is anything but obvious most of the time. His planes are okay, but he himself? Ugh...
  • Lilia Mihajlovna: She may be smart, cute, and overall a good and caring person, but she's also really annoying and unpleasant. Out of all AFD Strike characters, she gets angry the most often.
  • Collette Le Clerc and Constance Le Clerc: These annoying girls are greedy and manipulative. They do seem to care about David but aside from that, they seem to only be out for themselves.
  • Pierre Gallo: He's so obnoxious, cocky, and arrogant. He also apparently doesn't care if what he does destroys the planet.
  • Francine Davout: My number one least favorite O.C.C. ace. Why? Because she seems to be the most sadistic of them all! Also, other characters say some pretty annoying things during radio chatter, but Francine... whoa-ho-ho!
  • Leon Kleiser: He's a horrible and selfish little prick who laughs while participating in an attack on a stranded hospital ship and is perfectly willing to ditch anyone to achieve his goals of power.


  • TheSavior84: Formerly Unicorn84 and then Gilgamesh84. A good friend of mine since 2014 and a fan of the AFD games. He gets amazing pictures!
  • DMSwordsmaster: Fellow Bureaucrat. He knows a lot about airplanes in the games and AFD Strike characters. He's my go-to-guy when I need help with fixing and/or adding certain information.
  • Hellsverg: A fellow from Europe who gets some decent and interesting pictures, some of which I can't find anywhere else!

Favorite Images

Favorite Soundtracks

Airforce Delta

Airforce Delta Storm

Airforce Delta Strike


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