"Operation skyscraper" Up Stream is a mission for all Elements of Delta Squadron in Airforce Delta Strike.


A sudden change in the situation has lead to an emergency mission; the Orbital Citizen Community has taken the city of Armagest and is utilizing the Chiron Lift to transport unknown materials or individuals to space, quadrupling their resupply effort. Delta's mission is to eliminate enemies and stop the resupply effort by attacking the elevator's anti shock units, thus causing the elevator to stall out and stop the resupply without actually destroying the lift.

In the mission proper, Delta Squadron is faced with the Troll and Orc squadron, led by Ellen McNichol and Donald Chan, though they are all optional. After fighting off fighters for a few minutes, the elevator finally reaches attack altitude, and Delta manages to disable the lift. However, as the personnel within the Chiron Lift surrenders, Pierre Gallo suddenly flies in, piloting a strange, hitherto-unknown craft, and destroys the elevator, setting the stage for the next mission.


This can be a very tough mission. Firstly, you're dealing with an infinitely-respawning wave of high-end fighters, such as I-2000s, S-55s, and Su-30s. The Su-30s are the most dangerous normal enemies in this bunch, having the highest HP and attacking stats. In addition, Donald and Ellen are both here. They are completely optional, but if you're going for the Ellen sidequest, make sure you take Ellen down! Donald is optional. In addition, dogfighting can be difficult as a result of the high altitude limitation you're in; you can't fly too far below, or else you'll hit the anti meteor net, and the high altitude makes movement more sluggish compared to flying at a standard altitude, in addition to making it much easier to stall out your aircraft.

After some dialogue, the elevator within the lift will finally enter attack altitude, letting you damage it. To attack the elevator, you must fly into the Chiron Lift itself and attack the three SC-Units present, which constantly rotate. This is incredibly difficult, as the elevator is very tight. As the elevator gets higher, the room to maneuver does grow a bit, but it's best to deal with it as soon as you can. It's best to use a small plane, such as Ken's own S-55 LFS, as it is less likely to crash into the structure itself. Special weapons with splash damage such as Rocket Pods can also be very useful in attacking the SC-Units, the splash being able to attack more than one of them at a time. Once an SC-Unit is destroyed, be careful, as the elevator will stall out for a moment. Once all three are destroyed, the elevator will stop for good, and you complete the mission (provided you fly out of the Chiron Lift's structure safely and don't crash!).

Enemy List

Enemy Unit Number HP Score
SC-Unit 3 A 3,000
Type-A2: R-Mite 7 A 7,000
S-55LFS 3 B 44,000
I-2000LFS 3 B 56,000
Su-30MKI 4 A 55,000
Donald* 1 C 37,000
Ellen* 1 B 63,000


The reward for this mission is 120,000 credits plus a variable amount depending on the number of enemies taken out and the type of weapon used to take them out. You also unlock Meteor Structure. If Ellen's sidequest has been completed up until this point, and you, as Ken, shoot her down in this level, you will finish her sidequest and unlock her as a character once you enter Phase 12.


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  • This is the first mission to have an O.C.C. whose fate is determinant.
  • This is the last mission where Donald Chan is encountered.
  • The music in this level is a remixed version of Dogfight's soundtrack from Airforce Delta.


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