"This is what you call a release-type bomb. It's extremely hard to aim, but so powerful that you can damage surroundings as well."
Harry's description of this weapon in the shop.

The Unguided Bomb is a bomb type special weapon, and the first type of special weapon you can obtain in Airforce Delta Strike. It is, as the name implies, an unguided bomb that deals heavy damage to ground targets. Upon selecting the weapon, a pip will appear on the ground, indicating an estimate of where the bomb will land.

Unguided Bombs are the most common special weapon in the game, being available on a whopping 25 planes. They tend to cost very little money, ranging from 20,000 credits to 30,000 credits.

This weapon is one of very few special weapons to have an ammo difference among craft; while nearly all craft with this weapon have 50 bombs, the Buccaneer S2D only has 20 bombs. This is also one of the exceedingly rare situations where the ammo difference occurs with a normal aircraft and not a Konami Legacy plane.


Unguided Bombs are great for dealing with clusters of targets; Unguided Bombs have splash damage, so they can hit multiple targets at once. They're also very effective at dealing damage to heavy, durable targets. Also, thanks to the way the game handles cash bonuses, getting a kill with an unguided bomb will confer a x3 cash bonus for the kill. I.E, if an enemy gives you 5,000 for a kill normally, killing them with an unguided bomb will get you 15,000 credits instead, which can be a great way to make money.

As to be expected, unguided bombs are not effective at dealing with air targets. It is possible to bomb certain aircraft, but this is exceedingly difficult.


  • Great at anti ground operations
  • Splash damage can damage and destroy multiple enemies
  • Deals heavy damage to ground targets
  • X3 cash bonus can get you large amounts of money


  • No guiding; weapon can be hard to aim
  • Impossible to use on air targets, unless you practically fly into them to release the bomb on top of them


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