"Operation Raccoon Hunt" Encount is an intercept mission for 1st and 3rd Elements in Airforce Delta Strike that plays prior to either Twister or Lone Wolf, depending on if John Rundal is chosen. Like all other Intercept missions, this mission cannot be replayed in Free Mission mode.


On their way to the Drycharl Desert, Delta encounters a group of Ganos fighters lead by Donald Chan who orders some of them to change course and move to phase B (likely to alert the squadron encountered in Lone Wolf and Far Behind) and the rest to intercept Delta. John Rundal chases after the leaving planes, wanting to shoot them down along with the squadron they're likely going to, against Amelia and Ruth's wishes. Delta manages to shoot down Donald and his remaining two reinforcements and then they proceed to destroy the anti-air weapons in the desert.


One of the simplest and easiest missions in the game. You just have to shoot down Donald and two Finback models. Your allies are likely to help eliminate those other two planes so you can focus on Donald. He pilots a Jian-Ji/HonyzhaJi-7 and flies fairly quickly, but since his plane is an attacker, his missiles don't take away too much of your health if they hit you. The mission is completed once all enemies are shot down.

Enemy List

Enemy Unit Number HP Score
Donald 1 C 37,000
Jian-Ji 8 "Finback A" 1 D 12,000
Jian-Ji 8IIM "Finback B" 1 C 12,000
Jian-Ji 7 MG* 3 D 17,000
Jian-Ji 8 "Finback A"* 2 D 12,000
Jian-Ji 8IIM "Finback B"* 2 C 12,000


The reward for this mission is 30,000 credits plus a variable amount depending on how many enemies were shot down and what kind of weapon was used to shoot them down. The player also becomes able to proceed to either Twister if not playing as John Rundal, or Lone Wolf if playing as him.


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  • This is one of only two Intercept missions to have different dialogue if a certain character is being played as. The other being Encount (Tiger's Cave). The character in question is John Rundal in both cases.
  • This is also the only Intercept mission in the game to introduce an O.C.C. ace (Donald Chan).
  • Despite Donald ordering only three Dragon units to leave the airspace, seven aircraft can be seen leaving the airspace.


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