This page depicts all scripted dialogue in the mission Turning Point and its Intercept in Airforce Delta Strike.


Robert: Hey there, everyone. Nice work out there. Sorry to interrupt you while you're resting, but Lilia's got something for you.

Lilia: As usual! Listen, you guys don't have time to rest. As soon as you're resupplied, I want you back out there.

Alex: [displeased] We just wasted that weird arty and ran interference for the bombers. You're sending us out again?

Lilia: That was just an appetizer. Time for the main dish. Tell us what's on our plate, Amelia.

Amelia: Yes, ma'am. Your target is the Navarone battery, home to three of the enemy's new large-bore railguns. The remnants of the enemy army are gathering there as we speak. That's what our intel tells us. Here are your orders. All Delta units are to scramble immediately. Elements 1 and 3, provide direct cover for the bomber squad. Element 2, suppress the AA fire on the ground. Do whatever's necessary to get those bombers over Navarone airspace. That is all.

John: Do the enemies have fighter jets?

Lilia: [smiles] Of course. It's such a critical location, Lt. Rundal, I bet they'll even be sending out those aces you love to fight so much.

John: [smiles] I hope so.

Lilia: [turns serious] It goes without saying, but you must not fail this mission. If all the bombers are shot down, go after the railguns.

Ruth: [angry] But we're not equipped for that!

Lilia: [angry] I don't want to hear it. Those railguns are killing us. Just figure out a way and get it done, okay? You can direct any further questions to Amelia.

Robert: Okay, Delta units, time to roll out. Stay with those bombers till they're over that Navarone target. This is a do or die mission. We're all counting on you.

[briefing ends]


Amelia: Getting a radar signal up ahead!! Bandits! Team, this is a crucial moment! Viper and Anaconda units, secure the airspace. All Cobra units, take out the ground targets. All units, go! Good luck!

[if John is not being played as, the following five lines will be said]

Francine: Here we are again!

John: ...I've had enough of you jamming up my mike!

Francine: Do you wanna have some more fun?NOTE: The subtitles inconsistently say "Do you wanna have some fun?"

John: No more fun... I'm gonna see you crash and burn this time!

Francine: No time to play around today!

Test Pilot B: Enemy has entered radar range.

Test Pilot A: All units, complete system checks and experiment stages A to D.

Test Pilot B: Roger. Commencing experiment after system checks.

Test Pilot C: R-Mite C copy. Commencing system checks.

Test Pilot A: Activation successful. Commencing experiment.

Amelia: New signal on radar! Where did that come from? Code...unknown! What? Some new kind of...? No data. Suspect craft to be of new design. Details unknown. Exercise caution around the unspecified R-Mite unit!

Jake: Hmm... Can't get as much power as I thought...

Francine: Butler, you okay?

Jake: It's nothing, miss.

Francine: Really? Okay then...

Amelia: An optical weapon? That would give this type of reading. Nomad to all units. R-Mite unit's attack potential is believed high. Exercise extreme caution.

Test Pilot B: Amazing! The power!

Test Pilot A: And this is just half power!

Test Pilot C: Hwa ha ha! This is plenty!

Amelia: It's an experimental craft? Unbelievable...! If they implemented this and actually deployed it...

Test Pilot A: (if his R-Mite is destroyed) Shells! Attack potential doesn't matter now! What about defense?

Test Pilot B: (if his R-Mite is destroyed) System's in overdrive?! This is really bad!

Test Pilot A: (if either Test Pilot B's R-Mite or Test Pilot C's R-Mite is destroyed) The armament's too thin... It was only designed for attack, right?

Test Pilot B: (if either Test Pilot A's R-Mite or Test Pilot C's R-Mite is destroyed) It's too weak! Any more, and...

Test Pilot C: (if his R-Mite is destroyed) Damn! The generator's burnt out! Bail out!

Test Pilot A: (if all R-Mites are destroyed) The experiment's over! Bail out! All units, don't forget to recover data!

Francine: (if shot down first) Butler, the rest is up to you! Punching out!

Jake: (if Francine is shot down first) Miss! Wait! I'll be there in a second! (if shot down after Francine) There's something I've got to do... cruel... Miss... [dies] (if shot down first) I...made a mistake. I've still got some things left to do. Got to clean your room and...make dinner...

Francine: (if Jake is shot down first) Butler?

Jake: (if shot down first) Sorry, Celestial...

Francine: (if Jake is shot down first) Butler?! Come in!

Jake: (if shot down first) -static- Farewell...miss... [dies]

Francine: (if Jake is shot down first) Jake! ...Jaaaake! Jake! I'm sorry... (if shot down after Jake) I'm not gonna die now! I'm punching out!

[no more scripted dialogue; mission ends once all required enemies are shot down/destroyed]


[pre-mission cutscene]

Bomber: Target confirmed. Commencing drop run. Nearly over the drop zone!

Operator: Incoming enemy bomber! Prepare modes U to D! Continuous fire when loaded! Yes, sir! Ready to fire! Fire! [a shell is fired from the first battery and it wipes out the bombers] Direct hit! Enemy planes annihilated! They're still coming! Load the next round now!

[pre-mission cutscene ends with a shot of the battery]

Amelia: The mission is to destroy the 3 guns of the Leopold battery. Approach via the barrel and destroy the weak launch unit.

David: Commencing attack on eastern battery. Cougar, Panther, with me!

Collette: Zipper!

Constance: (not subtitled) Zipper!

Collette: One slip and we'll be vaporized, right?

Commandant: Kill those fools! Fire in mode R!

Constance: I reaaally don't like the look of that flash. Lead, 3 o'clock!

David: Yeah. Python crew! Take evasive action from the flashes!

Collette: Zipper!

Constance: (not subtitled) Zipper!

David: Whoa! One just flew by my right side! All crew, balls out! Ride through the flames!

Collette: Zipper!

Constance: Zipper!

David: I have a visual. All guns are go!

[if Bravo Squadron destroys the first battery, the following seven lines will be said]

Collette: Bullseye! Confirming destruction of generator. Nice shot, lead!

Operator: Leopold 1 has been destroyed.

Commandant: What?! What's going on?!

Amelia: Nomad to all Python units. Leopold has been destroyed. You have permission to tank. Leave the battle zone.

David: Python, copy. That's the end of our job. Over to you.

Collette: Over to you!

Constance: It's up to you!

[if the player destroys the first battery before Bravo Squadron does, the following five lines will be said]

David: Don't get in our waaay!

Amelia: Nomad to all Python units. Python Lead has destroyed the Leopold. You have permission to tank. Leave the battle zone.

David: Python, copy. Is that it? I guess the rest is up to you.

Collette: We didn't do anything.

Constance: This mission sucks!

Leopold 2: (if the player destroys both of the target facilities near it)

Leopold 3: (if the player destroys both of the target facilities near it)

John: (if playing as Ken or Ruth and destroying the target facilities for either the second or third battery) Something's...changed?

Ruth: (if playing as Ken or John and destroying the target facilities for either the second or third battery) The Leopold attacks have slowed down...?

Ken: (if playing as Ruth or John and destroying the target facilities for either the second or third battery) Maybe the Leopold's getting weaker?

Alex: (if playing as Jamie or Rick and destroying the target facilities for either the second or third battery) Seems a bit strange, don't it?

Jamie: (if playing as Rick or Alex and destroying the target facilities for either the second or third battery) What's going on?! Something's changed with the Leopold.

Rick: (if playing as Jamie or Alex and destroying the target facilities for either the second or third battery) The Leopold's gone quiet.

Holst: (if playing as Brian and destroying the target facilities for either the second or third battery) The battery's stopped?

Pedro: (if playing as a 2nd Element character and destroying the target facilities for either the second or third battery) Bullets are thinning out, right, Lead?

Brian: (if playing as Holst and destroying the target facilities for either the second or third battery) There are a lot less bullets flying around!

Amelia: (if the player destroys the target facilities for either the second or third battery) That building...! That building next to the battery might be the control room! Might be no good, but give it a shot!

Operator: (when the left groove of a battery is flashing while the player is inside it) Mode L, fire!

Operator: (when the top groove of a battery is flashing while the player is inside it) Mode U, fire!

Operator: (when the right groove of a battery is flashing while the player is inside it) Mode R, fire!

Operator: (when the bottom groove of a battery is flashing while the player is inside it) Mode D, fire!

Operator: (when the central groove of a battery is flashing while the player is inside it) Mode C, fire!

[after the player destroys either the second or third battery, the following five lines are said]

Amelia: Destruction of battery confirmed. Only one left.

Commandant: How are they able to avoid Leopold's attack?

Operator: Well, er... I wonder...

Commandant: Investigate now! Immediately!

Operator: Y-yes, sir!

Amelia: (after all batteries are destroyed) Confirming destruction of all batteries. End of mission. We make a great team! Good job!

[mission ends]


[in operations room]

Robert: [smiles] Well, it looks like they managed to pull it off!

Lilia: Of course. We've got a real talented bunch. I wonder how the strike teams that went after the other batteries did? [leaves to see the reports]

Robert: Yes, I wonder. Any info?

Lilia: [offscreen] ...It doesn't look good. All I see are damage reports and requests for backup. Guess we're the only ones having any luck.

Robert: [dismayed] Hmm...

Lilia: [appears onscreen and is angry] I guess we can't really call this mission a success, after all...

Robert: I guess not. As long as they've got those batteries, they'll keep it up. But if we gather our forces to stop them...

Lilia: ...we'd be even more shorthanded. And if anything went wrong, we'd have a real tough time trying to find replacements.

Robert: But with all that shelling, we'll soon be rendered helpless. And that's when they'll make their advance! What a quagmire.

Lilia: [calms down] Commander.

Robert: [turns neutral] Hmm?

Lilia: I've been working on an idea...

Robert: What kind of idea? I hope it's some new kind of strategy!

Lilia: Not just a mere "strategy." If this works, it'll end the whole war. I want a commando unit to storm the main enemy base!

Robert: [angry] Lilia, that's crazy! Their main base is in space, you know! How do you propose we get there?

Lilia: [smiles] You know we're developing some new weapons on intel from surrenders, right? And we're starting to gather defectors, too.

Robert: What? You mean you want to bring all of that into the mix? Isn't that way too much of a gamble?

Lilia: [angry] But the front line's deadlocked, so we can allocate our arms to the space fleet. If we wait, they'll just wear us down...

Robert: [troubled] But--

Lilia: [calms down] I've laid most of the groundwork. Now all I need is your okay. It's either be slowly wiped out, or send that commando unit.

Robert: [angry] When in the world have you been working on all this?! I hope you realize you're overstepping your authority here.

Lilia: Maybe so, but my job is to maximize gains and minimize damage, isn't it? So what'll it be, Commander? Yes or no?

Robert: [worried] ...I've only got one question. Do you really think such a desperate move can work?

Lilia: [smiles] I do. We'll put our pilots in the light craft and have the defectors teach us how to operate the battleships and carriers.

Robert: Do you really think our pilots can learn to fly spacecraft so quickly?

Lilia: I'm leaving that up to Sergeant Takayanagi and Harry. It'll work out just fine.

Robert: [calms down and smiles] ...All right, you've convinced me. I'm putting my chips down on that gamble of yours!

Lilia: [delightfully] Then it's settled. I'll get started on putting together a unit right away. And I'll let everybody take some leave first.

Robert: [sternly] You should take some, yourself, Lilia.

Lilia: [angry] But this is my responsibility! I can't take a break now.

Robert: I can take care of putting the unit together just fine. Your mission ought to be getting yourself rested and ready.

Lilia: [calms down] Not taking no for an answer, huh? All right, I'll take some leave, too. Leave some work for me, though, okay?

Robert: You've got it. I'll put you to work the second you get back!

Lilia: [smiles] It's a deal!

[transitions to O.C.C. side in their meeting room]

Francine: [angry] ....! Oh, Jake! Jake! How could you go away and leave me? I... I never said it was okay to do that...! [distressed] .....!!

Pierre: [offscreen] Hidey ho!

Francine: [angry] Who--?

Pierre: [appears onscreen and is smiling] Pleased to meet you. I'm Pierre Gallo. You're Ecbatana's Francine Davout, aren't you?

Francine: ...I don't feel like talking to anybody right now. Just leave me alone, will you, Mr. Artificial Genius?

Pierre: Oh, my! You sure you want to be talking to me like that? I was just going to escort you to your new battlefield, you know.

Francine: [calms down] New... battlefield...?

Pierre: [smiles and puts his hands on his hips] Now that the EDAF's got the upper hand on Earth, you might not be able to fight the people who killed your friend much longer.

Francine: ...So what are you proposing?

Pierre: Come out to space! Get some new equipment and stuff. You can avenge your friend from there, fight anyone you want!

Francine: You want me to go... to space...?

Pierre: That's right! With the OCC's new equipment, you can blow 'em all away, easy. Avenge your friend in a snap!

Francine: [smiles] Blow 'em away... with new equipment, huh?

Pierre: What do you say? You still want me to go away and leave you alone?

Francine: [frowns] ... [smiles] ...Your proposal is starting to sound pretty good to me. Tell me more about it.

Pierre: [smiles with his hands no longer on his hips] Thatta girl! C'mon, follow me! [leaves]

Francine: ...If Jake were here right now, I'm sure he'd say, "Miss, you shouldn't trust a suspicious character like that!" [frowns] Jake... I'll never forget your loyalty and devotion. I don't know if it's what you would've wanted, but... ...I want to repay that loyalty somehow. You know, I bet you're watching over me right now from the stars...

[debriefing ends]


One of the railgun batteries, the Navarone, was silenced.

But O.C.C. resistance at the other batteries was strong, and the E.D.A.F. met with a string of failures. The annihilation continued.

Damage was extensive, and the E.D.A.F.'s military arsenal was progressively depleted.

As they continued their round-the-clock shelling, the O.C.C. assembled all their remaining military might and regrouped at the front line. Here began another total stalemate.

For the E.D.A.F., who were largely unable to fight, the situation was clearly critical.

Hoping for some kind of breakthrough, Military HQ drew up a plan for a direct attack on the O.C.C.'s main space base.

[interlude ends]

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