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This page refers to the mission. If you are looking for the enemy craft with the same name, see R-Mite (Craft).

"Navarone Campaign" R-Mite is an Intercept mission for Delta Squadron in Airforce Delta Strike that plays prior to Turning Point. Like all other Intercept missions, this mission cannot be replayed in Free Mission mode. This is the final Intercept mission in the game.


On the way to the Navarone railgun battery, Delta Squadron is intercepted by an element of O.C.C. fighters, alongside a group of land vehicles. The 8th Experiment Army Division is testing a new mass-produced weapon, the R-Mite. 1st and 3rd Elements engage the fighters while 2nd Element destroys the new craft, alongside a group of AAMs. The R-Mites are noted to have incredible offense, but poor defense.

Meanwhile, 1st and 3rd Elements engage the fighters, being lead by Francine Davout and Jake Emerson. Jake is inevitably shot down, and fails to bail out, leaving Francine to grieve her loss. All enemies are destroyed, and Delta Squadron proceeds to the Navarone battery.


1st/3rd Elements

Your targets are the enemy fighters; there are only four of them, as per usual, and they aren't that dangerous. The only really big threats are Francine and Jake.

2nd Element

Your targets are the six ground enemies located near the middle of the battlefield. The AAMs are nothing special, though they are fairly durable. However, the R-Mites are the big threats. They have a laser weapon that, when you approach, flies up into the air, and then flies straight at your plane at incredible speeds. The only way to avoid this is to approach the R-Mite at a very wide angle (Having it be near either the left or the right side of the screen as you draw close); when you do this, the laser will just barely miss you, and you'll have an opportunity to strike it before it can fire again. There are only three of them, though, so it's not that bad. Just be careful and don't get banged up too much.

Enemy List

Enemy Unit Number HP Score
Type-AX: R-Mite* 3 A 7,000
AAM* 3 A 5,000
Su-27SMK "Flanker B"* 1 B 32,000
Su-35 "Flanker E"* 1 A 41,000
Jake* 1 C 54,000
Francine* 1 C 54,000


The reward for this mission is 55,000 credits plus a variable amount depending on how the enemies were taken out. Progression to Turning Point is also unlocked.


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  • This is the only Intercept mission where an O.C.C. ace (Jake) is killed.
  • This is the first mission where the R-Mite craft is introduced.
  • Unlike other Intercept missions, this mission has the before-mission preview (where the camera stops at three different parts of the map as a heartbeat sound plays) that normal missions have. This is the only Intercept mission to have this detail.


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