"Stampede Campaign" Tiger's Cave is a mission for all Elements of Delta Squadron in Airforce Delta Strike.


The assault on the Kotor Stronghold is at hand; all members of Delta have been called for this major task. This stronghold is the primary Earth-based headquarters for the O.C.C.. Although no official orders have been given yet, Delta is still organized to proceed to the stronghold to destroy it. The intel garnered from Rick's espionage, combined with the destruction of one of the hatches due to shelling from the Armed Fighting Walker has provided an opening to get in and destroy the stronghold itself.

After clearing an ambush, they proceed to the site. At the Stronghold, they discover that the AFW did indeed destroy one of the hatches. That, combined with hacking from the allied ground unit "Land Walker" and an error within the security system itself, enables Delta to go inside each of the hangars and destroy the primary facilities inside, as well as destroying experimental weapons within the final hangar. After completely destroying the stronghold and eliminating Sergei Kinski, the mission is completed.


A fairly complex mission. There are a huge number of enemies within the stronghold itself; you have to fly in each of the hatches to destroy the targets within, in order. Keep in mind that allied ground units will be near each "open" hangar you need to proceed to. Also bear in mind that movement within each hangar is tight, compounded by enemy Ka-52s rapidly firing missiles from within some of these hangars. After clearing out the targets in each of the hangars, with the exception of the last one, you must destroy another hatch to break free. This hatch is fairly easy to destroy. The only thing to watch out for inside of the hangars is the missile firing enemies, and the tight spaces. Make sure you don't crash!

Outside of that, there are enemy fighters, but they're relatively few in number, with the only big threat being Albert Ungar. However, once you penetrate the last hangar, he'll flee, so he's optional. Outside of that, the only target fighter is Sergei, and he's fairly simple in his Jian-Ji 8 "Finback A". Your allies will do a good job of melting him down and allowing you to finish him off with ease.

Enemy List

Enemy Unit Number HP Score
Facility 6 B 5,000
Type-TX: Sickle 4 N/A 30,000
Battery 21 B 5,000
Facility 21 B 5,000
AAM 2 B 5,000
Type-TX: Sickle 6 N/A 30,000
Su-27SMK "Flanker B" 2 B 32,000
Yak-141 "Freestyle" 1 B 32,000
Sergei 1 D 18,000
Albert* 1 C 66,000
Tu-160 "Blackjack" 2 C 30,000
Ka-52 "Hokum B" 6 C 10,000


The reward for this mission is 90,000 credit plus a variable amount depending on the number of enemies taken out and how they were taken out. Completing this mission allows the player to go on to Phase 8 with the mission Wind Valley.


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