The Silvan Fortress is the twelfth mission in the original Airforce Delta. It involves attacking a large fortress inside of a jungle area, as well as shooting down two prototype bombers.


The Federation's conspiracy has been exposed to the world.

The international community is beginning to back our side.

The Military Command has decided to take this opportunity to mount an attack on all fronts.

Our corps will be mounting an offensive against an enemy fortress apprehended by a military satellite.

Your mission is to neutralize an enemy fortress hidden in the forest.

We also have reports that this fortress houses a giant-class bomber plane carrying nuclear payload.

Fly in towards the point of two rivers' convergence.


A fairly simple mission. The XBC-97 might seem threatening with how large it is, but it only takes a few missiles to destroy. Aim for the cockpit; destroying the wings doesn't really affect it that much, except by destroying a few of its guns. But it's better to just destroy the thing whole cloth. The other XBC isn't even in the air and won't attack you.

As for the base itself, there's a huge number of gun pods and a few missile pods. That consists about 90% of the targets in this area, apart from the XBC. The base itself is large and wide open, so just be careful and avoid crashing into the walls.

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Video (Walkthrough/Soundtrack)

Airforce Delta - Mission 12 The Silvan Fortress

Airforce Delta - Mission 12 The Silvan Fortress

Airforce Delta Deadly Skies Soundtrack 12

Airforce Delta Deadly Skies Soundtrack 12


  • This is the first time in the series you have to destroy a fictional flying craft (The XBC-97).
  • The XBC-97s are highly reminiscent of the XB-10s from Ace Combat 2.


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