The Mountain Base is the sixteenth mission in the original Airforce Delta. It involves attacking an air base located literally inside of a mountain.


We are commencing an attack on our former Federation of Dzavailar AFB, the Alpha Base.

Just as in Zeta Base, the resistance we will be encountering will be offered by our former comrades.

They are now the enemy, and nothing more.

You would be too new at the Corps to know, but the Alpha Base is built using natural caverns in the rock terrain.

Use caution.


This is a very... Interesting mission. What's interesting is, you have to literally fly inside of a mountain to destroy a base! Obviously, this is incredibly dangerous.

However, it's not a bad idea to start off by taking out the enemy planes flying around. They can actually fly after you inside of the base and cause problems later! It's infrequent, but it can happen. You should also probably take out the target Gripen as well.

Once you're satisfied with the enemy planes, then start worrying about the targets outside of the base proper. Four Gun Pods are outside of the entrances themselves. Those are annoying to deal with trying to attack the base, so get rid of them. Also get rid of the AA Radars scattered about. They don't do anything, but they're targets.

And now, attacking the base proper. It's rough, obviously. The entrance is pretty narrow, and it's actually pretty hard to destroy all the enemies (There's a bunch) on one pass. Although the base is decently wide inside, it's very easy to crash, as there's a bunch of clutter around the base. Take it slowly. Don't panic and freak out, just keep your groove. You can generally fly in a straight line, making mild turns to avoid anything in your way and attack the targets. Once you've got it down, it becomes fairly simple to do. You might have to make more than one pass if missiles don't cooperate though.

Enemy List

Enemy Unit Number Score
JAS39 Gripen 1 64,500
Gun Pod 4 4,500
Ceiling Gun 1 6,000
A.E. Seeker 1 6,600
AA Radar 3 6,600
B-1B Lancer 1 45,000
B-2 Spirit 1 45,000
YF-23 Blackwidow (parked) 1 56,000
F-117 Nighthawk 2 32,000
F-20 Tigershark 2 39,000
YF-23 Blackwidow 2 56,000
F-22 Raptor 2 57,000

Gallery (Enemy/NPCs)

Video (Walkthrough/Soundtrack)


  • Falling Down from Airforce Delta Storm has similarities to this mission as both missions require the player to fly through a tunnel to enter a base and destroy targets on the inside.
  • In the PAL version of Airforce Delta (Or Deadly Skies as it's known in the PAL region), the first credits image for this mission is used for the boxart for the game.


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