The Last Duel is a secret mission for Ruth Valentine in Airforce Delta Strike.


On the way back from the previous mission, Ken Thomas is ambushed by Ellen McNichol, piloting a Type-R2: Vamp and being assisted by two Type-R3: Comps. Ellen, angered that he called for backup, mocks Ruth and the E.D.A.F., inciting an angered response from Ruth. Ellen, also fed up with Ken "messing with her mind", is determined to eliminate him, but Ruth is equally determined to protect him. Ellen also called Ruth "crazy" for putting her life on the line for her comrades. After her two Type-R3 allies are eliminated, she states she doesn't "Need any backup", and continues to fight. Eventually, Ruth recognizes Ellen from the disastrous medical ship incident, angrily berating her for attacking civilians. However, reflecting what Ken previously said, she doesn't care about the costs, and fights an all out war. However, in the end Ruth is victorious. As her Vamp is damaged severely, Ellen is suddenly knocked from her mind control. She confusedly asks where she is; Ruth tries to contact her, but she is unable to get a coherent response, as Ellen merely calls out for Ken as her damaged Vamp drifts into space. She is seemingly killed in action.

Back at the base, characters are celebrating their victory. However, Ruth and Ken are both saddened by the battle due to Ellen's death. Although Ruth apologizes, she notes that she could not stand back and let Ellen kill him. Ken, however, reassures her, telling her that he would have done the same for her, and that she did what he was unable to do. Robert Williams also turns up and congratulates Ruth for protecting her wingman, saying that she has truly has come along as an element leader. As Ruth leaves, he also notes that she'll become an officer her father would be proud of.


This is a very annoying level. Firstly, it is recommended to be piloting the YF-23A Black Widow II, due to it being the fastest plane in Ruth's arsenal. You are pursuing Ellen and two Type-R3: Comps as they fly around at high speed. Occasionally, all three stop and start barraging you with lasers, giving you an opportunity to attack one of them. You must eliminate the Comps before you can target Ellen. Upon eliminating the Comps, Ellen will begin firing large blue lasers at your plane, dealing severe damage. Catch up with her quickly and finish her off before she destroys your plane.

And the sad part is, you get nothing noteworthy for unlocking this level...

Enemy List

Enemy Unit Number HP Score
Ellen* 1 A 120,000
Type-R3: Comp 2 A 10,000


Unlike most missions, no credits are mandatorily earned from this one. However, the player can still earn credits from shooting down enemy planes and using different weapon types. Nothing else is unlocked for completing this mission.

Video (Walkthrough/Soundtrack)


  • This is the only time in the series where the player character speaks during a mission; albeit, this only occurs in the replay.
  • This is the only time Type-R3s and Type-R2s will attack the player in their "human" form.


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