"Operation Crimson Emperor" The Decisive Battle is a mission for 2nd Element of Delta Squadron in Airforce Delta Strike.


The final battle is at hand; the main O.C.C. fleet is directly ahead of the E.D.A.F. fleet, and is protecting the O.C.C.'s L-2 Colony. It will be a do-or-die battle; if the E.D.A.F. lose this fight, the war is over, having truly a scratch fleet against the O.C.C.'s incredible power. And the worst part is, they're not even sure of the sheer scope of the enemy fleet due to a lack of radar signal. And even more unfortunately, the E.D.A.F. fleet will fire nigh-indiscriminately when the enemy is in sight. The enemy is seemingly against the wall, so the battle will be fierce, especially since the E.D.A.F. is running out of firepower.

Delta 2nd Element is sent to attack the enemy fleet, dealing a significant blow to the enemy's forces. They manage to severely damage the enemy fleet and allow for the E.D.A.F. to win the battle. However, after returning to base, it is discovered that what they assumed was the L-2 Colony wasn't their main base after all; and in fact, have been sending an receiving freights to and from Mars. The mysterious Navigator "group" that the E.D.A.F. assumed was in control of the O.C.C. doesn't even seem to be a "group" at all, rather a single being, and is most likely not a human. Indeed, it turns out that the O.C.C. had sold out Earth to Mars to win the war against the E.D.A.F. with the Mars aliens' incredible technology. And such, they must now go to Mars and put a stop to the radical O.C.C. members, being led by the Navigator, once and for all...


A good deal more interesting and complicated than The Defender. You must engage the enemy fleet and deal damage to it by destroying the warships present. To destroy the warships, you must destroy the key points on the warship, usually marked as a target unlike the optional weaponry on the ship. Upon destroying all key points on a warship, its weapons are all destroyed and it ceases moving or firing. It's worth nothing that you've gotta work fast; allied power will quickly decrease as you're attacking the fleet, so be quick and efficient! In addition, Francine is flying around in a Type-R2: Vamp. Unlike The Defender, she seems to simply move around after the player, but is still fairly harmless. There are four types of warships present.

The Type-S1: SDD is the most common, and the easiest. It has two batteries that fire large red projectiles forward, but can also fire the non-homing projectiles towards your craft if you get close as well. There is a single main target on the SDD, on the center of the main body of the craft. They're not dangerous at all.

The Type-S3: SBB is slightly more complicated. It is a large, cross-shaped warship with many batteries lining its bodies. These batteries fire red lasers directly forward, which can damage your craft if you are hit, though not by much. It has two primary targets, on the top and bottom of the craft. In addition, the SBB can fire "missiles" at your plane, making them more dangerous than the SDDs.

The Type-S4: SCV also turned up in the previous mission, but were optional there. These are large, incredibly long warships with many weapons on board. They can fire a multitude of strange weapons, such as odd clusters of ring-like lasers. Like the SBB, they have two targets, located on the front of the warship, on the top and bottom respectively. Also like the SBB, they can fire homing weapons at your craft if you draw close, so be cautious.

And lastly, the flagship of the O.C.C. fleet, the Type-S2: SMS, also known as the Ceres. This is the most unique of them all; it is basically a combination of the SCV and the SBB, being a massive, wide ship that is also very tall. It also has three sets of primary targets, making four total; two on each side of the warship, and two in the center, on the top and bottom of the craft. Like the SBB, it can fire red lasers forward, and it also has the strange ring lasers of the SCV. And, much like those two craft, it can fire homing lasers at your craft. In addition, if you destroy the two wing targets and not the central ones, it will change shape and start firing gargantuan lasers forward towards the fleet. Although it doesn't do much to the fleet, it can rapidly damage your plane if you get caught. As a result, it's best to destroy the central targets first, thus preventing it from transforming.

Simply stay on top of the fleet and damage it as much as you can to win the mission.

Enemy List

Enemy Unit Number HP Score
Type-S2: SMS 1 A 70,000
Type-S3: SBB 4 A 50,000
Type-S4: SCV 4 A 80,000
Type-S1: SDD 6 A 50,000
Battery X A 5,000
Francine* 1 A 120,000
Type-R3: Comp 1 A 10,000
Type-F3: A-27P 18 A 10,000
Type-F4: F-32P 6 A 10,000


The reward for this mission is 150,000 credits plus a variable amount depending on how the enemies were taken out. Rush Into the Red Star is also unlocked.



  • This and The Defender are derivatives of one another, having identical enemy layouts, but different required targets, similarly to the later Intercepts.
  • Unlike its counterpart, a text scroll will play after completing this level.


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