This page refers to the final mission from Airforce Delta Strike. If you are looking for the final mission from the original Airforce Delta, see "The Confrontation".

The Confront is a secret ending mission in Airforce Delta Strike. The player plays as Ken Thomas for this mission.


Interstellar cruise missiles and the L-2 Colony--which took a direct hit from one--are heading straight for Earth. The Mars-attack space fleet and a newly-formed space army are working to intercept them, but there are just too many of them. They have to be taken out, starting with the ones closest to Earth, as it would be an even bigger disaster than the time with Chiron Tower if they let them fall to Earth. All Delta members besides Ken and Ellen, who are the last two left, have gone off to intercept. Ken and Ellen are then sent to intercept the missiles and prevent them from falling to Earth. They vow that they will make it back alive. Lilia informs them that she has reproductions of their old-regulation space fighters for each of them and wishes them luck. Ken and Ellen then head off to see large colonies approaching Earth and Ken enters one of them. There, he encounters Albert who is blinded by vengeance and he even outright states to Ellen he doesn't care about the Earth when she tries to reason with him. The mission is a one on one fight with Albert who has dangerous missiles, high health, and considerable maneuverability. Ken eventually shoots down Albert, killing him. Ellen then tells Ken to hurry and they'll enter atmosphere soon, but then her communication suddenly breaks up. A cutscene then plays showing Ken telling Ellen he'll be back, indicating she is alive, and flying through a tunnel in the colony as it enters atmosphere. Ken fires a missile at a closing door and escapes as the colony explodes. His space fighter, footsteps, and helmet are then shown on a beach, showing that he survived.


It's a one-on-one dogfight with Albert piloting a space-capable Su-47 Berkut. He's... Honestly not that special. He might be more maneuverable, but he still tends to go down fairly easily to a concentrated assault. Your Seeker only has six HM-AAMs, but a plethora of missiles. When you see an opening, exploit it by unloading the HM-AAMS onto him. Afterwards, finish him off with your normal missiles. You can kill him in seconds if you're quick enough.

Enemy List

Enemy Unit Number HP Score
Albert 1 ? -


As with other end missions in the game, no credits can be earned from this one. However, Ken's game completion medal is earned and his last two planes, the Hunter FGA9 and the Su-17M "Fitter D" are unlocked. If this is the first time you've completed the game, you unlock the VIC VIPER for free, and if this the first time you've completed the game as a 3rd Element character, you unlock the MANBOU-J for free, both on a new-game plus.


  • If the player earns the Shot Down Medal for any character before this mission is unlocked for the first time, the game will show the credits after Inside is completed with Ken even if Ellen McNichol was unlocked, making this mission impossible to unlock unless the player starts a new game.


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Airforce Delta Strike - Phase 14 - Mission 31 The Confront

Airforce Delta Strike - Phase 14 - Mission 31 The Confront

Airforce Delta Strike Soundtrack Boss Fight

Airforce Delta Strike Soundtrack Boss Fight


  • This mission is similar to The Confrontation in the original Airforce Delta for the Dreamcast in that it is an end mission where the player fights one on one with an enemy plane. The two missions are even similar in name.
  • This is one of only two secret end missions in the game for specific characters, the other being Decision for Jamie Jones.
  • This is the only mission in the game which forces the player to use a special craft not accessible by normal means; you cannot view the Seeker's stats, nor can you view it in the Aircraft Viewer.
  • It is also the only mission in the game to be available in a hidden phase.
  • This is, overall, the last mission in the game.
  • This is likely the canon ending, since Ellen McNichol is always available to be played as in replayable space missions after being unlocked and Ken Thomas says "Ellen, I'll be back, I swear." in the cutscene after Inside.


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