This page depicts all scripted dialogue in the mission The Asteroid in Airforce Delta Strike.


Robert: All right, we're all here. Let's begin. Amelia, give us the latest sit rep.

Amelia: Let's see... We're doing a good job fending off the interstellar cruisers.

Rick: [smiles] That's good to hear. If we keep it up, the enemy should eventually run out of ammo.

Lilia: Yeah, but meanwhile our own forces are strained to the limit. In fact, we can't hold out much longer.

Alex: So that means we have to hit at their heart, huh.

Lilia: Exactly. Here are your orders. 1st Element will scramble immediately. Seek out and destroy the enemy's missile base. That is all!

Alex: [worried] But we have no idea where their missiles are coming from.

Amelia: We've done some reverse calculations based on the trajectories of their missiles. We think the base is somewhere around here.

Rick: [nervous] Right in the middle of the asteroid belt?

Lilia: There must be something there...some kind of orbiting launch station. Go there and stop those missiles.

Rick: [calms down and smiles] Roger that!

Alex: [calms down and smiles] Roger.

Lilia: Like I said, our defenses can't hold out much longer. We won't be able to stop their next launch. You've got to destroy the base before they fire again.

Robert: We're counting on you. Find and destroy the interstellar cruise missile station in the asteroid belt. Go get 'em!

[briefing ends]


Amelia: Isis to all units. Heading: 0-0-0. Large radar signal, dead ahead. It's probably the enemy facility we're looking for. Target is located just beyond the asteroid belt. I'm sending the energy reading's position to your HUDs. Please head to that location. Use caution going through the asteroid belt.

Alex: (if playing as Rick) Ugh. This is a tight fit. Wow! The meteors are everywhere! I don't like this... I sure wish Jamie was here...

Rick: (if playing as Alex) It's pretty tight... Whoa! That meteor almost crushed me! I wanna get outta here as soon as possible... The faster you are, the trickier this is... I need some backup here!

[when the player exits the asteroid belt and gets close to the facility, the following lines are said]

Control Tower: Radar echo!

Commander: What?! They got through the asteroids?!

Control Tower: Looks that way.

Commander: Prepare to intercept immediately. And ready the Ultra!

Control Tower: Yes, sir!

Commander: They got through... This could be serious... Ships Metis, Hygiea, Parthenope and Flora! The enemy is through! Intercept!

Flora: Flora, copy!

Metis: Metis, copy!

Hygiea: Hygiea, copy!

Parthenope: Parthenope, copy!

Amelia: I've got the results on that energy reading! The large facility directly ahead is the target! I'm scanning the structure now. As soon as I find an entrance, I'll send the data to your HUDs. Please try to buy some time until then.

Alex: (if playing as Rick and targeting any of the Type-S6: SFGs) A battleship, huh? Lemme at it!

Rick: (if playing as Alex and targeting any of the Type-S6: SFGs) Battleship, huh? I'm on it!

Flora: (when the player damages Flora a little) It's Flora. I'm hit! Block 1 is on fire! (when the player damages Flora more) This is Flora. I'm hit! Block 2 is damaged. (when the player damages Flora even more) This is Flora. Heavy damage!

Control Tower: (when the player destroys Flora) Flora is out of action!

Hygiea: (when the player damages Hygiea a little) This is Hygiea. We're hit! Fire in Block 3! (when the player damages Hygiea more) This is Hygiea. We're hit! Fire in Block 4! (when the player damages Hygiea even more) Hygiea. We've got heavy damage!

Control Tower: (when the player destroys Hygiea) We've lost Hygiea!

Metis: (when the player damages Metis a little) This is Metis. We're hit and on fire! (when the player damages Metis more) This is Metis. We're hit, losing air! (when the player damages Metis even more) This is Metis. We've got heavy damage!

Control Tower: (when the player destroys Metis) We've lost contact with Metis!

Parthenope: (when the player damages Parthenope a little) This is Parthenope. We're hit! Fire in Block 1! (when the player damages Parthenope more) This is Parthenope. We're hit! Damage to Block 2! (when the player damages Parthenope even more) This is Parthenope. We've taken heavy damage!

Control Tower: (when the player destroys Parthenope) We've lost contact with Parthenope!

[after the player destroys all four Type-S6: SFGs, the following seven lines are said]

Amelia: I've finished scanning the structure. One area seems structurally weak. It appears to be a hatch. Sending data. Destroy the hatch and infiltrate the facility!

Commander: Prepare Type D-4!

Control Tower: Check. Preparing 4 units for launch. 2 Type-D4s are ready for launch.

Commander: Heading 30-20-40, launch!

Control Tower: Check, heading: 30-20-40! We have launch! Remaining 2 units are ready for launch!

Commander: Heading 120-50-80, launch!

Control Tower: Check, heading: 120-50-80, Type-D4s are launched!

Alex: (if playing as Rick and moving towards the facility's hatch) That's the door, huh. I'm going in!

Rick: (if playing as Alex and moving towards the facility's hatch) So I guess I'm supposed to go in there, huh?

Amelia: (when the player enters the facility and gets close to its central core) Getting a high energy reading! Destroy facility's central core!

[no more scripted dialogue; mission ends once the central core is destroyed]

Post-Mission Cutscene (After the festival)

[shows the inside of the facility and then a strange, circular door which opens up to reveal eight circles glowing orange]

Control Tower: Self-destruct sequence initiated. All crew, evacuate! All crew, evacuate! (he says this line three times, but it is only subtitled the first time)

Alex: Don't like the look of this.

Rick: Let's get outta here!

[Rick and Alex flee the facility as it explodes and the screen turns white, and then shows Rick and Alex flying through space, towards Mars]

Rick: ...I'm flying on vapor here.

Alex: It'll all work out somehow. So, got any plans when you get out of the service? [the screen fades to black]

Rick: Wonder what I can get for a job...

Alex: ...I can't see the rescue ships.

[post-mission cutscene ends]

[credits roll]

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