"Operation Crimson Emperor" The Asteroid is the final storyline mission for 1st Element of Delta Squadron in Airforce Delta Strike.


The E.D.A.F. army is doing a good job fending off the interstellar cruisers and if they keep it up, the enemy should eventually run out of ammo. However, the E.D.A.F.'s own forces are meanwhile strained to the limit and unable to hold out much longer. To resolve this, Rick Campbell and Alex Levine are sent on a search-and-destroy mission for the enemy's missile-launching facility. Alex is uncertain as they don't know where the enemy's missiles are coming from. Amelia Johnson states that they've done some reverse calculations based on the trajectories of their missiles and they suspect the enemy base is somewhere in the middle of the asteroid belt. The E.D.A.F. will be unable to stop the O.C.C.'s launch and Rick and Alex must destroy the base before they fire again. During the mission, Rick and Alex fly through the asteroid belt and do their best to avoid getting hit by the asteroids. Amelia informs them that their heading is 0-0-0 and she's picking up a large radar signal dead ahead and it may be the missile launch base. After flying through the asteroid belt, Rick and Alex find a large base built out of an asteroid. Amelia gets the results on the energy reading and the base is revealed to be their target. She begins scanning the structure and tells Rick and Alex she'll send the data to their HUDs as soon as she finds an entrance. She then orders them to try to buy some time until then. Four enemy ships are dispatched to intercept Rick and Alex, but they manage to destroy all of them. After that, Amelia finishes scanning the structure and finds one area that seems structurally weak and appears to be a hatch. Rick and Alex destroy the hatch and enter the facility. Amelia then gets a high energy reading and tells Rick and Alex to destroy the facility's central core. They do that and the facility enters a self-destruct sequence. Rick and Alex escape as the facility explodes and afterwards, they begin heading back to Mars. Rick says he's flying on vapor and Alex says it'll somehow all work out. After some chat with Rick, Alex says he can't see the rescue ships, leaving his and Rick's fates unknown...


Probably the easiest ending mission in the game. You start in the asteroid belt and you must fly carefully to avoid getting hit by the asteroids which sometimes move quickly and appear out of nowhere. At the end of the asteroid belt, you reach where the facility is and four Type-S6: SFGs come online and you must destroy all of them. The SFGs move quickly and you may need a fast plane to keep up with them. They fire two red blasts at you, but they only go in a straight line and are really easy to avoid. After destroying the four ships, it then becomes possible to destroy the facility's hatch to enter it. Do that and you'll be inside the facility where there isn't much space to fly through. Two missiles are launched from the left and the right and you must avoid getting hit by them. Fly a little further into the facility and you'll reach where the core is. Destroy it and the game has been completed with either Rick or Alex.

Enemy List

Enemy Unit Number HP Score
Type-S6: SFG 4 A -
Hatch* 1 A -
Central Core 1 A -
Control Tower 1 A -
Battery 12 A -


Like all final missions in the game, no credits can be earned from this one. However, the game is completed and you earn the game completion medal for whatever character you used for the mission. If the mission was completed with Rick, his Su-15TM "Flagon F" and Jian-Ji/HonyzhaJi-7 are unlocked for 120,000 credits and 250,000 credits respectively. If the mission was completed with Alex, his MiG-17F "Fresco C" and Su-22M-4 "Fitter K" are unlocked for 35,000 credits and 110,000 credits respectively. If this is the first time you've completed the game, you unlock the VIC VIPER for free, and if this is the first time you've completed the game as a 1st Element character, you unlock the Jerry Mouse for free, both on a new-game plus.


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