This page depicts all scripted dialogue in the mission "The "GALE"" in Airforce Delta Strike.


Robert: Well, everybody...Looks like the enemy's finally shifted into high gear. Lilia, explain our next mission.

Lilia: Yes, sir. Amelia, give us a status update. And read us our official orders while you're at it.

Amelia: Our patrols have found enemy aircraft formations in Area NA-44, over our coast. There have already been four enemy navy patrols in this area. We think it's likely that they're preparing for an overseas attack. Here are your official orders. 3rd Element, head to Area NA-44 immediately and intercept enemy fighters.

Ruth: But what's the point of this attack? We might need to change tactics...

Amelia: Unfortunately, we don't know their plans yet.

Lilia: They're probably looking to secure the airspace above their fleets.

Robert: Maybe they want to use Terranos Island as a beachhead? It would be ideal.

Lilia: [angry] That must be it. They've got us up against a wall here, controlling both airspace and waterways...This time it's not enough to just fight them in the air. We also have to take out any reinforcements they're stupid enough to send after us. Okay?

John: [smiles] Kill every single one of them, right? Suits me fine.

Ken: [smiles] ...Roger. Hope it's as easy as you think.

[Lilia calms down]

Robert: Okay, 3rd Element, scramble your butts out to NA-44. Whatever it takes, get 'em the hell out of our airspace.

[briefing ends]


Amelia: Nomad to all units. You're going after the enemy fighters. Deploy and attack.

Maverick: So here comes the cavalry.

Kite: Delta?! What the hell do you want?

Maverick: Show those reinforcements what you're made of!

Kite: No use counting on them, Maverick 1.

Leon: Damn, reinforcements! That's fine by me. Take 'em down! (after a few planes are shot down) Wish we could take care of them before Storm shows up...(after a few more planes are shot down) Hurry up and bring 'em down before he comes by! (if shot down before Albert appears or after Albert is shot down) Dammit! We gotta bail!

Amelia: (after even more planes are shot down) Contact! Code... red!

[cutscene begins]

Leader: Maverick 2, Maverick 3, join up.

Maverick 2: Roger. We're pretty far from our allies.

Leader: Almost done. Any enemies by you, Skyfish?

Skyfish: Coast is clear. Currently no trace of any enem.... [Skyfish's communication breaks up as it is hit by a missile]

Leader: Skyfish? Skyfish! What's going on?!

Maverick 3: Skyfish is off radar and is not responding!

Leader: What, an enemy? Dammit! Where'd they come from?

[Maverick 2 and 3 are shot down by Albert who swoops in during the cutscene]

Albert: Ha! You're slow.

Leader: They're behind me! I can't shake 'em!

[the leader is shot down by Albert in the cutscene]

Albert: You got about a second to live, buddy!

[cutscene ends]

Albert: (if Leon was shot down before the cutscene) He's not here. Did they get him... ?

Leon: (if still in the mission after the cutscene) We don't need the likes of you!

Albert: (if Leon is still in the mission after the cutscene) Hmph. The weaker the dog, the louder it barks.

Leon: (if still in the mission after the cutscene) What?!

Albert: You there! I'll take you on.

Ruth: Their ace is on his way, Crow! Watch out!

John: Hands off--that's mine.

Kite 2: R-reinforcements?!

Maverick: All units, check ammo and fuel!

Kite 2: Leader, you holding on 'til the very end?

Kite Leader: Yeah... sure am.

Kite 2: I mean, if it's just us and Maverick 1 ...

Kite Leader: Don't say it!

Kite 2: But it's the truth. After Delta shows up, anyway...Delta's hanging onto the battle line.

Kite Leader: Aw, they're not even regular air force, just a composite squadron!

Kite 2: But that's not the issue anymore. Their strength is for real--and that's what they need to survive.

Kite Leader: I guess we'd better make sure, eh?

Maverick: Viper! Maverick 1 here! Our leader's gone down! Our team is in pieces. Go after 'em, okay? The bad guys are hanging tough...Show them what you got!

Leon: (if shot down before Albert after the latter appears) Damn! Sorry, Commander... That stinkin' Storm...!

Albert: (if Leon is shot down after Albert appears) Hmph. What did you expect?

Leon: (if shot down before Albert after the latter appears) B-bail!

Albert: (if shot down before Leon) Nice moves... I won't forget you, Mr. Blue!

Leon: (if Albert is shot down first) So much for the great up-and-comer! Heh heh heh!

Albert: (if shot down before Leon) My plane is done for. Bail out!

Albert: (if shot down after Leon) Nice moves... I won't forget you, Mr. Blue! Guess I can't head back. Bail out!

[if a certain number of planes are shot down, the mission will come to an end]

Leon: (if not shot down at this point) Out of fuel! I'm heading back!

Albert: (if not shot down at this point) If I only had more fuel...!

John: (if Albert is not shot down at this point) Think you can escape?

Albert: (if not shot down at this point) I'm Albert. Albert Ungar. Hey, you in the blue jet! What's your name? Ah, I guess it doesn't matter. See you around!

Amelia: Enemy fighters have begun to withdraw.

[mission ends]


[in briefing room]

Lilia: Well then, I'll begin the debriefing.

John: Lilia, I have a question.

Lilia: Well, this is unusual. What is it?

John: Today there was a target who flew circles around me. He called himself Albert Ungar. Tell me about him.

Lilia: Albert Ungar?

Ruth: He's an ace pilot. Once he took down three Mavericks by himself. His plane had Merv markings.

Lilia: Three against one? Well, if the plane showed the Merv insignia, it probably was him.

Ken: So you know him?

Lilia: After Merv surrendered, a Merv militia inside the OCC started calling itself the Merv alliance. You know this, right?

Ken: ...Never heard of it.

Lilia: [angry] Hmph! Well, anyway, that's the history! And Merv has this pilot, called "Emperor" Sergei, whose kill record is legendary.

John: [smiles] ...He's just an old man now. I'll take him out sooner or later.

Lilia: Don't interrupt me! So, even before Merv's surrender, Sergei had already named his "successor."

John: [frowns] ...So his successor was that target today?

Lilia: [calms down] He went three on one, then he announced his name in battle, right? He's the only one who would have the balls.

Ruth: [nervous] The Emperor's heir, eh? He's sure to be a fearsome foe.

Ken: I couldn't care less.

Ruth: What do you mean, Second Lieutenant Thomas?

Ken: Anybody from the OCC is an enemy of mine. They all deserve the penalty of death just the same, Emperor's heir or not.

Ruth: [angry] Second Lieutenant Thomas! But...

John: [angry] ...Don't you dare ignore me, Ken. If touch[sic] my prey, you're dead.

Ken: I won't hit him unless he comes after me. Have fun with your little hunt.

John: Yeah, I will, sucker. [leaves]

Ruth: First Lieutenant Rundal!

Ken: Neither John nor myself needs strategy lessons. Hurry up and dismiss us. [leaves]

Ruth: Second Lieutenant Thomas!

Lilia: First Lieutenant Valentine.

Ruth: [calms down] Ma'am!

Lilia: You may never get those two to cooperate, but you must try. The Delta Squadron is riding on your efforts.

Ruth: Yes, ma'am!

Lilia: Those two must have their reasons for being the way they are. Come to think of it, everybody here has a history.

Ruth: A history?

Lilia: You'll understand soon enough. Well then, you're dismissed!

Ruth: Yes, ma'am!

[transitions to O.C.C. side in their hangar]

Sergei: [smiles] Oh, is that you, Albert?

Albert: ...

Sergei: Hey, don't let it bother you.

Albert: [angry] ...Element Leader, why did we merge with the 2nd Squadron today?

Sergei: It was an order from the top. All the way from headquarters. I reckon they wanted to strengthen the force for the final blow.

Albert: [troubled] But they have no teamwork!! That Leon Kleiser got in my damn way!

Sergei: [angry] Albert !

Albert: [calms down] Sir!

Sergei: [stressed] We're all Merv men. What good will it do to bicker? You need to concentrate on raising our status out of Class H.

Albert: [sadly] ...I'm sorry, sir. I'm worked up because that pale blue plane caught me off guard.

Leon: [offscreen] Albert!

Albert: [calms down] Hm? Oh... [Leon appears onscreen and is annoyed]

Leon: What kind of strategy was that? You've got to work with my men! You'll make the Commander worried!

Albert: I'm very sorry, Leon Kleiser, we will be more careful next time.

Leon: [angry] Well, alright. As long as you understand that. Oh! And stop calling me by name. I'm older, and more highly ranked than you!

Albert: I will watch myself.

Leon: Very well! Bye then. [leaves]

Sergei: [calms down] Albert, don't be so inflammatory.

Albert: [angry] There's just something I don't like about 2nd Squadron!

Sergei: [smiles] You mean Giuseppe and Leon? Well, they are able pilots. You're better off working with them rather than against.

Albert: But they don't show you the proper respect!

Sergei: [grins] There's no sense in pointing fingers. The bond of trust is all we've got. Don't you forget that. And quit with the pale blue plane business. I know you're frustrated, but you need to put the Merv people first.

Albert: [calms down] ...Yes...sir.

Sergei: Okay, now you get some rest. [leaves]

Albert: [angry] ...The Element Leader really talks like that, but if he really cared about the Merv, he'd recognize the value of our self-respect. The pale blue plane...My abilities, and the status of the Merv people, will be in queston until I defeat them. [calms down] Next time, I will shoot him down. Then the world will know my strength.

[debriefing ends]


The war between the Orbital Citizen's Community (O.C.C.) and the Earth Defense Alliance Force (E.D.A.F.) had fallen into a stalemate, with the O.C.C. occupying eighty percent of the territory.

By extending their battlefront and using delay tactics, the E.D.A.F. managed to hold out against the O.C.C.. But lacking military units and personnel, they paid a heavy price and suffered chronic damage.

Hoping to improve the situation, the top E.D.A.F. brass decided to recruit additional troops. They accepted anyone and everyone--and all available backup units were pushed to the front line.

The 4th Composite Squadron of the 27th Fighter Wing--a rogue fringe unit commonly known as the Delta Squadron and mocked for having "nothing to be proud of but their long history"--also took on new recruits and went to fight at the front.

Under the wire, the E.D.A.F. managed to gather enough troops to sustain the front line and check the O.C.C. offensive, bringing about a lull in the fighting.

But the O.C.C., preparing for an even bigger invasion, was beginning some disturbing activities...

[interlude ends]

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