The "GALE" is the third mission in Airforce Delta Strike. The player plays as Ken Thomas for this mission.


The E.D.A.F. patrols have found enemy aircraft formations in Terranos Island, designated Area NA-44, over their coast and they believe it's likely that they're preparing for an overseas attack. Lilia also suggests, in the briefing, that they're looking to secure the airspace above their fleets and Robert suggests they want to use Terranos Island as a beachhead, saying it would be ideal. Delta Squadron is then dispatched to Terranos Island to intercept enemy fighters and force them out of their airspace.

The mission itself is a dogfight with F-14D Tomcats (Maverick) and F-16C Block 50 Fighting Falcons (Kite) as allies, with Leon Kleiser and different models of the Sukhoi Fitter as enemies. Albert Ungar appears later in the mission in a cutscene where he shoots down an AWACS called 'Skyfish' and three Maverick units. After a certain number of enemy planes are shot down, the remaining ones will begin to withdraw, completing the mission.

Mission Objectives

  • Shoot down a certain number of enemy fighters


The reward for the mission is 30,000 credits plus a variable amount depending on how many planes were shot down as well as the type of weapon used to shoot them down. Phase 2 is also unlocked.


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Airforce Delta Strike - Phase 1 - Mission 03 The "GALE"

Airforce Delta Strike - Phase 1 - Mission 03 The "GALE"


  • In this mission's debriefing, there is a minor grammatical error in John's dialogue, "If touch my prey, you're dead." The correct way to say it would have a 'you' between 'if' and 'touch.'
    • Also, when Leon claims to be older than Albert, it is incorrect since in the character profiles, Leon is revealed to be 27 while Albert is revealed to be 28. Whether this is Leon lying to Albert to feel superior or simply an oversight by Konami is unknown.
      • Alternatively, it's possible he meant "older" as in "having been a part of the Merv Flying Corps longer"; at this point, Albert is still considered a rookie in the O.C.C., so this may have been the intention, somewhat filtered through awkward wording.
  • This mission is named after Albert's TAC name in the Japanese version, which is "Gale". They did not change the mission title for the NTSC-U/PAL release, in which his TAC name is "Storm".