The Super Rafale is, like many other aircraft within this game, a fictional variation of the Dassault Rafale series of planes. And, like most fictional variations, this plane appears exclusively in Airforce Delta Storm.


A very odd departure from the Rafale's look. The craft has additional rear wings near the engine, as well as a much longer and more developed frame. It still has the single vertical stabilizer and twin-engine design, however.


It's... Okay? This plane can be unlocked fairly early on in the second chapter, but the problem is, you will most likely have superior aircraft unlocked already by this point, such as the F-15S/MT Active. As a result, this plane has trouble standing out. It's not terrible, and if you did miss those planes, this can serve you okay for a time, but it's just kind of average overall. To be fair, it IS the best of the Rafales in this game, predictably enough. Still, you simply have access to better options at this point.


Type Stats
Attack: Medium-high
Defense: Medium-high (4100 HP)
Speed: High
Power: Medium-high
Mobility: Medium-high
Missile: 72
Ability: No
Range: 3

Note: There are no differences in stats between the US and PAL versions.

Enemy Appearances (Missions)

  • Enemy Super Rafales appear in Time Limit as required kills.


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