The Super Fighter is a Konami Legacy aircraft that only appears in Airforce Delta Strike. It was originally featured as the unnamed player craft in the obscure vertical-flight shoot em up Arcade game Trigon (Lightning Fighters in America).


The Super Fighter is a fairly odd aircraft; it has two huge delta wings with no rear wings of any description. It has two tall vertical canards, and the rear of the craft has several pronounced prongs emerging from the top and bottom of the craft. The aircraft also has a fairly odd rear-end design, looking almost like exposed machinery. The aircaft has four engines. The aircraft also possesses two large machine guns. The front end of the craft is fairy simplistic and standard compared to the rest of the craft.


One of the more below-average Konami Legacy planes; it only has rockets as its primary weapon, and stats overall are simply mediocre, with its only standout being Defense. Other planes such as the TwinBee and the Jerry Mouse are much better candidates for Konami Legacy rocket planes, since they at least have above average stats. Its special weapon is also a serious anomaly; when used, a massive laser is emitted around and in front of the craft for several seconds. This weapon, despite the huge size, has a very misleading and confusing hitbox, and although it DOES do severe damage, it completely blinds the player in the process, as they cannot see through the laser. Overall, a below average Konami Legacy craft.


(Clockwise starting from top)

Type Stats
Anti Air Attack: Medium
Mobility: Medium-low
Defense: High (3700 HP)
Anti Ground Attack: Medium-High
Thrust: Medium
Speed: Medium-high



  • Trigon as a whole has not just been referenced in this game; references to the game have also appeared in other Konami games, such as a boss in Stage 8 of Gradius Gaiden named Deltatry, where it utilized not only the Lightning Sword, but homing fire dragons like the source game as well. That same boss would also be made into a Yu-Gi-Oh! card, known as Delta Tri, alongside several support cards which also referenced its attacks.
  • The music that plays whenever this plane is used is a soundtrack from Trigon titled "Faraway".
  • Although this plane is unlocked for free, this plane's price would technically be 720,000 credits due to how repair prices for planes are calculated (50% of the plane's cost to purchase, hundred-digit numbers rounded up).
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