The Dassault Super Étendard (Translating to "Battle Flag") was a French carrier-borne strike fighter craft, for service with the French Navy. This aircraft was an advancement of the previous Étendard IVM. This aircraft was, supposedly, developed because of criticisms involving the originally proposed Jaguar craft, with some even citing that Dassault itself had a major role in getting the craft cancelled so they could fill the void. Though, this is merely speculation. The craft was fully replaced in 2016 by the Rafale. This aircraft only appears in the PAL and NTSC-J versions of Airforce Delta Storm.


The Super Etendard is a fairly small craft, having two pronounced wings. It has a single vertical stabilizer, with rear wings located near the bottom of the stabilizer. It possesses a single engine.


Meh. It's a craft you can unlock fairly early on in the PAL version of the game if you find the hidden mission it's associated with, but the stats are just... Meh... They're by no means bad; in fact, they pretty handily put some other early game craft to shame. Plus this craft has more than 1 range. But it's really got no longevity. It will NOT take long for better to roll around and replace this thing.


Type Stats
Attack: Low
Defense: Medium-low (2700 HP)
Speed: Medium-low
Power: Medium-low
Mobility: Medium-low
Missile: 40
Ability: No
Range: 2



  • Not unlike other attacker aircraft in Airforce Delta Storm, the Super Etendard uses air to surface missile as its missile, namely the Exocet.
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