"The best Flanker there is. Superior ground combat ability and thrust vectoring provide excellent maneuverability."
Harry's description of this plane in the shop.

The Su-30MKI (Given the moniker Zhuravlik in Airforce Delta Storm) is a variant of the standard Su-30, designed for the Indian Air Force. It is a multirole variant of the Flanker family. It has appeared in Airforce Delta Storm and Airforce Delta Strike. It is put in the player's hangar after completing Fortress in the Sky in AFD Storm and is available to Ruth Valentine in AFD Strike.


The Su-30MKI's design is largely the same as most other Flankers, being a twin-finned aircraft with wings that are essentially a cross between swept wings and a cropped delta. Like the Su-37 and the Su-33 "Flanker D", it possesses forward canard wings. It also possesses a larger section behind the cockpit, unlike most other Flankers.


Airforce Delta Storm

This plane is an above-average craft, unlocked in the mid-game. All of its stats are high, with the lowest stat being Attack (which is only medium-high at that). It does have stiff competition with the F-15S/MT Active however. It possesses better Attack and Defense, but the F-15S possesses better speed, mobility, and range. However, the F-15S is a secret plane (unlocked by finding a hidden airbase in the first chapter) and costs a pretty penny at that, while the Su-30MKI is easy to unlock by comparison and is completely free. If you missed the F-15S in the first chapter, this can fill its niche fairly well.

Airforce Delta Strike

This craft is the sole multirole Flanker. It has good attack stats for both air and ground, though it leans more towards anti air use. Mobility is at the same levels as the Su-27LL-UV(PS) and the Su-33 "Flanker D" (Though lower than the Su-35 and the Su-37). Not only that, but it possesses the highest defenses out of all of the Flankers, excluding the two ground-attacking Flankers. This makes it arguably Ruth's best plane, as it possesses great stats all around, and lacks the downsides her other "best" planes have (It doesn't have internal bomb-bays and doesn't lack a vulcan like the YF-23A Black Widow II, and it has much more solid anti-air stats than the F-15E Strike Eagle). Even better? You unlock this thing by completing four missions as Ruth. You can unlock this thing very early on as a result.


Airforce Delta Storm

Attack: Medium-high

Defense: Maximum (5800 HP)

Speed: High

Power: Very high

Mobility: Very high

Missile: 75

Ability: No

Range: 3

(There are no differences in stats between the US and PAL versions)

Airforce Delta Strike

(Clockwise starting from top)

Anti Air Attack: Medium-high

Mobility: High

Defense: High (3300 HP)

Anti Ground Attack: Medium

Thrust: Very high

Speed: Medium

Prominent Appearances in Missions

Airforce Delta Storm

Airforce Delta Strike


Airforce Delta Storm

Airforce Delta Strike


  • Interestingly, the PAL version of this plane in Airforce Delta Storm has a different paint job than the US version. The same is also true for several other aircraft, such as the Lavi.
    • This same paint scheme would be used for Collete and Constance's Su-30MKI in the pre-mission cutscene for Night Blitz. Meanwhile, Ruth only has access to the NTSC paint scheme. Also, this PAL paint scheme is avaliable as the alternate paint job for Ellen's Su-33 "Flanker D".
    • Oddly, while the Airforce Delta Storm enemy Su-30MKI in all regions has the same pattern as the NTSC version, its color scheme is the same as the PAL version.
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