"Surprised? The movable thrust nozzles were new when introduced on this experimental Flanker. Now they're standard equipment."
Harry's description of this plane in the shop.

The Su-27LL-UV(PS) is a variant of the Su-27, developed to test thrust-vectoring technology. The original model only had a single two-dimensional vector (2-D) nozzle, however. The technology would later serve to develop the likes of the Su-35 and Su-37. Additional information on the craft is unknown, as it was a secret project. It is only usable by Ken Thomas.


The Su-27LL-UV is... A very interesting looking plane. The design is very similar to the Su-27, predictably. However, the big difference is the engines; Two gigantic 2-D vector nozzles are attached over the engine. This is seemingly used to direct thrust. Outside of that, the plane is identical in appearance to the normal Flanker.


A very good plane for Ken. It's one of his more maneuverable craft, and it has the speed and power expected of a Flanker model. Very above average plane. Good for use in many situations, though it's mostly a fighter. Stats are all superior compared to the Su-27SMK, though that plane does have a superior special weapon overall. Still, a very above-average craft.


(Clockwise starting from top)

Type Stats
Anti Air Attack: Very high
Mobility: High
Defense: Medium (2400 HP)
Anti Ground Attack: Low
Thrust: Very high
Speed: Medium-high



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