"How about it? This souped up Su-7 has even got variable sweep wings. It's a fantastic buy for a great ground attack aircraft."
Harry's description of this plane in the shop.

The Su-22M-4 (NATO reporting name of "Fitter K") is an aircraft that appears only in Airforce Delta Strike. It is a version of the Su-17 designed for export. It sees use by Alex Levine and Sergei Kinski.


The Su-22 heavily resembles its ilk, having the same basic body structure throughout. It also possesses variable sweep wings.


Like all aircraft tied to game completion, this plane has fairly mediocre stats for what you have to do to unlock it. Stats range from average to bad across the board, and the special weapon isn't going to be winning many awards, either. Why bother when you have about three or four planes that basically replace this already unlocked?

Comparing this to the other Fitters, this is by far the best statistically. It has nearly the same stats as the Su-20, though it also has the improved Speed of the Su-17. However, this plane does have an inferior special weapon to the Su-20, having Unguided Bombs instead of Air-to-Surface Missiles, so... Yeah. It's probably the best Fitter in the game, so... Make of that what you will.


(Clockwise starting from top)

Type Stats
Anti Air Attack: Low
Mobility: Medium-low
Defense: Medium (2400 HP)
Anti Ground Attack: High
Thrust: Medium-low
Speed: Medium-high

Enemy Appearances (Missions)



  • This is the first O.C.C. ace plane encountered, being piloted by Sergei.
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