"What do you think? Variable sweep wings at this price point. The payload makes it ideal for air-to-ground combat."
Harry's description of this plane in the shop.

The Sukhoi Su-20 (NATO reporting name of "Fitter C") is, simply, the export variant of one of the other models of Fitter, the Su-17M. This was the first major production version of the Fitter, possessing a new navigation and attack computer, a new engine, and other such modifications. It first flew in December 15, 1972. It was exported to Egypt, Poland, and Syria. This aircraft only appears in Airforce Delta Strike, where it is used by the Merv Flying Corps and can also be used by Ken Thomas.


The Su-20 heavily resembles its ilk; it is a single-engine design with a narrow main body. It has a "holed-nose" air intake on the front, much like other craft at the time. It has two marginally-variable sweep wings, which are also quite long. It also possesses a single vertical stabilizer.


The first attacker aircraft you will unlock as Ken Thomas. It's an alright performer, with stats being decent-ish for an early-game aircraft. It has an alright defense of 2400 HP, decent anti-ground stats, and a special weapon that helps compliment the anti ground attack nature of this craft. It's also decently fast. However, since it's an early game craft, it won't be long until it's replaced.


(Clockwise starting from top)

Type Stats
Anti Air Attack: Low
Mobility: Medium-low
Defense: Medium (2400 HP)
Anti Ground Attack: High
Thrust: Medium-low
Speed: Medium

Notable Appearances (Missions)


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