The StN-006 Hermit is a fictional aircraft that appears exclusively in Airforce Delta Storm. It is a strange interceptor unlocked in the late game.


The Hermit is a strange beast. It has some design similarities to the SR-71/YF-12, having a similar "Narrow fuselage, wide rear end" design, but aside from that, design inspirations are minimal. Its profile is very rounded in shape; a lot of round surfaces, especially the area around the rear of the body and the rounded shapes the vertical stabilizers stick out of. It gives the craft a very odd appearance. Despite what it may look like, its engines are not located under the two prominent rounded shapes; they're located in the middle of the rear, under the craft itself.


The plane is... Okay. The problem with the Hermit is you unlock it so late in the game, when you most likely have many other planes that surpass it in every department. (To note, you unlock this thing after completing one of the endgame levels... Yeah...) Stats are just "decent", making it hard to recommend for late game. Its highest stat is defense. It does have great range and attack, but at this point, range isn't exactly important considering you literally unlock the damn thing so late in the game.


Attack: High

Defense: Very high (5600 HP)

Speed: High

Power: Medium-high

Mobility: Medium-high

Missiles: 85

Ability: Stealth

Range: 5

(There are no differences in stats between the US and PAL versions)

Enemy Appearances (Missions)


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