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Special Weapons are a class of weapons introduced in Airforce Delta Strike. Special Weapons are designed to give aircraft more distinction from one another, giving them weapons that can allow them to deal with certain enemy types easier, such as bombs for ground targets or high-maneuvering missiles for air targets.

Every single aircraft in the game has a special weapon; however, not all aircraft have their own unique special weapons. Prices of special weapons can vary from craft to craft; however, with VERY few exceptions, each aircraft has the same number of a specific type of special weapon (The F-5E Tiger II and the MiG-21bis "Fishbed N" both have 50 unguided bombs, for example).

List of Special Weapons by Type


  1. Unguided Bomb
  2. Cluster Bomb
  3. Napalm Bomb
  4. Fuel-Air Explosive Bomb
  5. Small Guided Bomb
  6. Large Guided Bomb


  1. Rocket Pod
  2. Wide Area Mass Destruction Rocket


  1. High-Maneuvering Air-to-Air Missile
  2. Long-Ranged Air-to-Air Missile
  3. Multi-Lock Air-to-Air Missile
  4. Air-to-Surface Missile
  5. Multi-Lock Air-to-Surface Missile


  1. Missile
  2. Ripple Laser
  3. Guided Hand Throw Bomb
  4. Option
  5. Mass Destruction Bomb
  6. All Delete Block
  7. Lightning Sword
  8. Laser
  9. Fish Bomb
  10. Hypre Mode
  11. Homing Laser
  12. Auto Aiming
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