"Operation Crimson Emperor" Skirmish is a mission for all elements of Delta Squadron in Airforce Delta Strike.


After leaving Earth, the E.D.A.F. fleet begins to move towards the O.C.C. stronghold; however, en route, the E.D.A.F.'s long range radar detects several unknown space craft. Delta is deployed to investigate the situation, and should they prove to be hostile, eliminate them.

Upon arriving, it is quickly determined that it's an O.C.C. advance strike fleet, composed of many bizarre, futuristic space craft. Delta defends the main fleet from the bulk of the attacking A-27Ps and Type-R3: Comps while the fleet attacks and repels their battleships. They succeed and prepare for what seems to be the final battle...


Your introduction to space missions. You may notice the HUD has changed a lot; it now features a 3D-like sphere of lines around the craft; this is to help gauge where exactly you're facing, as landmarks within space are nonexistent. Quickly grow accustomed to this.

Your goal is to protect the E.D.A.F. fleet from the O.C.C. attack craft; attacking the actual fleet itself is optional, but can be done whenever you've cleared out a wave of enemies. The first wave introduces infinitely respawning groups of A-27Ps. You must eliminate the target A-27Ps before they damage the E.D.A.F. fleet. Finally, the ML-AAM has a place to shine. The A-27Ps do not move at all to react to missiles, flying in simplistic, fixed patterns. As a result, ML-AAMs are decently effective at trimming the horde. Be careful not to fly in front of the groups of A-27Ps; they can and will attack you.

The second wave will consists of Type-R3: Comps. Comps aren't too dangerous to the player; they can only attack with a non-homing rocket attack whilst flying around. They primarily deal damage to the fleet; eliminate them quickly.

If you haven't saved her from the O.C.C., Ellen will also be flying around in a Type-R2: Vamp. She isn't any more dangerous than the Comps to the player, but she can be dangerous to the fleet. Eliminate her quickly.

Enemy List

Enemy Unit Number HP Score
Type-S4: SCV 3 A 80,000
Battery X A 5,000
Ellen* 1 A 120,000
Type-R3: Comp 1 A 10,000
Type-F3: A-27P 18 A 10,000
Type-F3: A-27P 6 A 10,000


The reward for this mission is 140,000 credits plus a variable amount depending on how the enemies were taken out. The Defender and The Decisive Battle are also unlocked.



  • Once Ellen is unlocked as a playable character, the version where she is encountered as an enemy in this level will no longer be playable in Free Mission mode.
    • Also, if Ellen is unlocked, her Type-R2: Vamp which appears in this mission's opening cutscene if she is not will be replaced with a Type-R3: Comp.
  • This is the last mission in the game where characters from all Delta Squadron Elements are available in the pilot selection screen.
  • The briefing for this mission is the only time in the game where Bob Takayanagi has a speaking role.


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