The E.D.A.F. Space Army Seeker is a special aircraft that only appears in Airforce Delta Strike. The Seeker was the Space Army's primary lightweight space fighter. Most instances were apparently destroyed when the Orbital Citizen Community declared war and destroyed the E.D.A.F. Space HQ. However, some models were recovered, which Ken Thomas and Ellen McNichol take into their final battle.


The Seeker is an interesting craft. It has two massive jet engines, a single vertical stabilizer, and two fairly small wings. The jet engines are interesting in that they have "mini jets" on them that flare up when the craft is turning and whatnot, presumably to make the craft turn in the vacuum of space. It also appears to have air intakes which makes absolutely no sense since this is a space fighter.


There's not a lot to say about the Seeker. You can literally only use it in one level, the very final level of the game. You cannot unlock it to use outside of this level, and even if you were to replay the mission in the Free Mission mode, you cannot view the aircraft's stats before you take off, unlike other "forced aircraft" missions like Hyper Speed Rick and Decision.

The Seeker does appear to be a VERY strong performer, however. It has absurd defenses (Sitting at 5000 HP), great mobility and insane speed. The only major downside to the craft is that its special weapon only has six shots, and they're just HM-AAMs. Aside from that, it's very strong... In the one level you'll use it...


(Clockwise starting from top)

Anti Air Attack: Unknown

Mobility: Very high-Maximum?

Defense: Maximum? (5000 HP)

Anti Ground Attack: Unknown

Thrust: Very high-Maximum?

Speed: Very high-Maximum?



  • This aircraft's "mini thrusters" are also used by the Axelay.
  • This aircraft's machine guns have the same sound effects as the standard machine guns on Earth, and not the machine guns that the space-fairing aircraft use.
  • Ellen McNichol has a Seeker as well, with her own paint scheme associated with it. However, it does not appear in gameplay; only the cinematic prior to The Confront.
    • It is unknown why Ken's Seeker does not use his own paint scheme, in this case.
  • This is the only aircraft that you can pilot in the series that you cannot use outside of the mission it's associated with.
  • This aircraft has the fewest number of HM-AAMs of all planes in Airforce Delta Strike.
  • It is also unknown what aircraft type this plane is; judging by missile count, it has the same missiles as Multirole aircraft do, so this craft may be a multirole.
  • The Seeker's design heavily resembles the Metallion from the cover art of the Konami game Nemesis 2 (a game in the well known Gradius series).
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