"Pretty strange looking carrier fighter, huh? It doesn't have any guided weapons at all, but you can still manage, right?"
Harry's description of this plane in the shop.

The de Havilland Sea Vixen is an aircraft that appears in Airforce Delta Strike. It was desgined and flown in the 1950s, to the 1970s. It was used by the British Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm. It was the first British supersonic plane. This plane is notorious for being impossible to earn in the US version of Strike, thanks to a bug. It is usable (sort of) by Brian Douglas.


A very wickedly cool plane, the Sea Vixen is a very distinct aircraft. The most noticeable feature is its twin-boom tail design, similar to the P-38L Lightning but which also includes high-mounted stabilizers that join together. Aside from that, this craft has delta-shaped wings, and has a twin-engine setup.


Despite being the Holy Grail of Strike, this plane... Isn't very good. It's one of Brian's only fighters, but it lacks vulcans, and is ridiculously frail. Stats are below average across the board, with the only standout being Anti Air Attack, which is still merely mediocre. Despite the plane's reputation, it just isn't any good. And you probably won't even get this damn plane, so who cares?


(Clockwise starting from top)

Type Stats
Anti Air Attack: Medium
Mobility: Medium-low
Defense: Very low (1200 HP)
Anti Ground Attack: Low
Thrust: Low
Speed: Very low



  • For some reason, Harry mentions this plane has no guided weapons, despite having missiles and not rockets. This is possibly a localization error.
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