"It can't even go supersonic, but if you know how to use it right, this synonym for VTOL could rule the skies once more."
Harry's description of this plane in the shop.

The British Aerospace SeaHarrier is the British version of the original Harrier jump jet. This aircraft was designed to provide air defense for the Royal Navy task groups, primarily centered around aircraft carriers. The aircraft entered service in 1978. The FA.2 (Known as F/A2 in the games as a mistake) is an upgrade of the FSR1, featuring improved radar and the AIM-120 AMRAAM missile. The aircraft was finally retired in 2006, with 111 aircraft built. This aircraft appears in all three Airforce Delta games, and is usable by Alex Levine in Airforce Delta Strike.


This aircraft looks very similar to the AV-8B Harrier II, since the original version of the Harrier was developed alongside this craft. The SeaHarrier has a large nose, two wings located on top of the craft, and a single vertical stabilizer. It has two jump jets located under the bulk of the craft itself, lacking traditional jet engines.


Airforce Delta

One of two VTOL craft in Airforce Delta. This aircraft has weird mobility that can be hard to recommend to people who aren't used to it. Oddly, this aircraft has worse stats than the AV-8B Harrier II that you've already unlocked alongside this, but this costs 200,000 more credits. Both cost a ludicrously high amount of money, so... Your choice, really.

Airforce Delta Storm

The worst VTOL in the game by far. It has good power and mobility (Though no afterburners), but its other stats are so bad. It also has completely inferior stats to the AV-8B Harrier II that is literally in the same damn secret hangar as this. Yeah... Skip it.

Airforce Delta Strike

A VTOL with a similar performance, predictably, to the AV-8B Harrier II. Compared to the Harrier, the SeaHarrier has worse defense, but superior Anti Ground, and possesses the ASM. However, the Harrier's Rocket Pods can grant more money thanks to the x3 cash bonus they net. The SeaHarrier is a tad more reliable, but you won't be getting as much money. The SeaHarrier can be easily replaced once you obtain the Yak-141 "Freestyle", as it is superior to this plane in all aspects, including having afterburners.


Airforce Delta

Speed: Low

Power: Medium-high

Defense: Medium-low

Mobility: Medium-low

Airforce Delta Storm

Attack: Low

Defense: Low (1500 HP)

Speed: Medium-low (No afterburners)

Power: Medium-high

Mobility: Medium-high

Missile: 48

Ability: V/STOL

Range: 1

(There are no differences in stats between the US and PAL versions.)

Airforce Delta Strike

(Clockwise starting from top)

Anti Air Attack: Medium-low

Mobility: Medium

Defense: Medium (2800 HP)

Anti Ground Attack: Medium-high

Thrust: Low (No afterburners)

Speed: Very Low

Enemy Appearances (Missions)

Airforce Delta

Airforce Delta Storm

  • An enemy SeaHarrier appears in The Battle of Castalia Sea as an optional kill. Another appears later in The Crimson Sea, this time as a required kill. Interestingly, due to limitations, the aircraft had to be renamed to "FRS.MK5" in the mission.


Airforce Delta

Airforce Delta Storm

Airforce Delta Strike


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