Roller Games is a mission for 2nd Element in Airforce Delta Strike.


An emergency mission is called; the O.C.C. is launching an offensive on the front line. Having sneaked in from the ruins of Lugerde City, the mysterious land battleships managed to eliminate the defenders at NB-52, and are moving towards a front line in area NA-52. If they manage to infiltrate the front line, the entire line will collapse, thus leading to defeat. An exasperated 2nd Element is sent to destroy the land battleships before they can escape the battlefield.


Despite what the briefing says, you don't actually have to defend the pipeline itself; you must simply destroy the G1: Dawns before they escape the battlefield. There are three "waves" of Dawns, being escorted by G2: Rises, smaller versions of the Dawns that can also fire missiles at you. One is already near the pipeline, the second is near the opposite end of the combat area, and the third will soon enter the combat area as well. The Dawns have a ton of batteries present on them, and can also fire missiles at you. They also move at a good click, so be quick on intercepting them! As Bravo helpfully demonstrates, you need to attack from the sides; namely, from an angle near the sides so you can accurately destroy the weak points of the Dawns. The Rises can only be destroyed by attacking the target on their left (or, if facing them coming towards you, your right) side. However, in the end, you only need to destroy three Dawns, and that's not too difficult so long as you're on top of them and don't let them get too far ahead. The only other enemies are helicopters that are stationary, and other stationary (and optional) Dawns and Rises.

Enemy List

Enemy Unit Number HP Score
Type-G1: Dawn 3 C 20,000
Type-G1: Dawn 2 C 20,000
Type-G2: Rise 10 C 20,000
Battery X C 5,000
Mi-35 "Hind E" 6 C 10,000


The reward for this mission is 50,000 credits plus a variable amount depending on the number of enemies destroyed as well as the type of weapon used to destroy them. Completing this mission along with other missions for 2nd Element contributes to unlocking operation code T8 on Phase 9.


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  • Type-G2: Rises also show up in Armed Fighting Walker, thus being one of the very few O.C.C. superweapons to appear in more than one mission.


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