"Good luck, and fight hard!"
―Robert's occasional catchphrase.

Robert Williams is a character in the Airforce Delta series who appears as a central character in Airforce Delta Strike.

Robert is the founder and captain of Delta Squadron. He was also war buddies with Jamie Jones and Ruth Valentine's father, Richard Valentine.



Robert was friends with Jamie Jones and Richard Valentine. Robert was a pilot back then and he founded the Delta Squadron and they went with their friends to it. At an unknown point, Robert saved Lilia Mihajlovna from disposal when the Special Ultimate People Experiment Research (S.U.P.E.R.) experiment was cancelled. He adopted her as a daughter and she studied hard and became the Aviation Staff Officer for Delta Squadron.


Robert is generally portrayed as a calm, wise, personable, and strong man. Although he sometimes seems to be a bit lazy and clumsy, he is still a peerless leader. He has warm feelings for Ruth Valentine due to the fact that his friend Richard was her father.


Robert is a tall, overweight, 45-year-old man with aged, white hair and a mustache. He wears a white military shirt with a single pocket and a black tie with a small metallic skull on it. He also wears black pants with a belt. He has yellow-green eyes and appears to be Caucasian. He always has a cigar in his mouth.

Events of AFD Strike

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Robert first appears in the briefing for the mission operation code H4. He smiles and says that the mission will be easier than most, which irritates Lilia. After Lilia tells Ruth not to pay attention to John Rundal, Robert says that the 2nd Element chews up ground targets like nobody else but right now, they're shorthanded, and the 3rd Element is the only one available. He asks them if they'll do it but John refuses. Lilia gets angry and asks Robert if he's really going to let John get away with what his refusal. She then says that Robert could ground John or even court-martial him for disobeying orders. Robert tells Lilia to calm down and she tells the pilots that they can't just pick and choose who they're going to fight and there's no room in Delta for a pilot like that. Ruth agrees and John is disgruntled. Robert then tells them that he's counting on them to take out the oil refinery in the Cartila Desert. John ultimately reluctantly agrees. In the debriefing after the mission, Robert arranges a meeting between the pilots of Delta saying that it's not a mandatory meeting and he wanted them to get familiar with each other because when they get up in the air, the tightness of an air squadron becomes important to teamwork. Then Jamie Jones, Rick Campbell, Alex Levine, Holst Prendre, Pedro Glankert, and Brian Douglas are introduced. When Ken Thomas introduces himself, he just says, "I'm Ken Thomas.". Robert asks him if that's all and Ken asks him what the problem is. Robert agrees and dismisses everyone.

Later, Robert appears in the briefing for the mission The "GALE" where he tells everyone that it looks like the enemy's finally shifted into high gear and tells Lilia to explain their next mission. After some talk, Robert suggests that the enemy wants to use Terranos Island as a beachhead and says it would be ideal. After some more talk, Robert tells 3rd Element to 'scramble their butts out to NA-44', and to get the enemy out of their airspace whatever it takes.

Later, Robert appears again in the briefing for the mission Force Scout. He says it looks like everyone's there but Ruth says that John is still missing. Robert says they have work to do and they should carry on without him, much to Ruth's dismay. After some talking, Robert tells them to get to the Haben Ravine and check things out as well as warning them to be careful.

Robert appears again in the briefing for Rail Road. He is surprised to see Jamie and says he hasn't been around for a while. Jamie tells him that he's the one who hasn't been around. When Rick is irritated about having to escort a train and asks if they look like the cavalry, Robert tells him that the lives of a lot of officers, soldiers, and civilians are hanging in the balance and then asks Amelia Johnson for the sit-rep. After some talk, Robert says that commodore Martin and the mayor of Lugerde City have been directing the operation and should be on the last train. After some more talk, Robert tells the 1st Element to head out and escort the last train out of area NB-53 and that they're counting on them. Jamie agrees and they head off. In the debriefing after the mission, Robert smiles and congratulates Jamie, Rick, and Alex for their work. Jamie angrily tells him that it was difficult and asks him if they can give them something easier. After some talk, Alex says he wouldn't mind flying a standard plane, but Robert says it wouldn't work and he's the only member of Delta who can fly a VTOL and that's what they need him for. Alex says that it looks like he'll be in 1st Element for a while and Robert agrees, saying he's the only one who can work with Jamie. Alex smiles and says he's got to take what he can get and he doesn't mind.

Later, Robert appears again in the briefing for Fleet Attack. He says he sees the 2nd Element is all there and asks Lilia to tell them what's going on. After some talking, Robert tells the 2nd Element to get to Port Erythraei and blow the enemy's fleet out of the water and not to let them counterattack.

Later, Robert shows up in the briefing for Roller Games. He says, "I see everyone's--" but he is interrupted by Lilia. After Lilia explains that ground fleet is really just a nickname and they call them that because they look like those land battleships that the 3rd Squadron found, Robert says that their weapons turned out to be very different from what they expected so they can't be sure they're the same. He then says that the defenders were nearly wiped out and seemed to have started retreating. After Lilia gets angry and says that the enemy must think they're total idiots, Robert says that if the Lugerde Desert is infiltrated, the entire front will collapse then it won't matter what the enemy thinks of them. After some more talk, Robert tells 2nd Element to guard the front with everything they've got and the enemy is using unknown weapons again and warns them to be careful. Lilia then tells him that everyone's gone. In the debriefing, Robert tells them that they did excellent work and this is a real victory.

Later, Robert appears in the briefing for Over the Cloud. Robert asks if everyone's there and mentions that it's been a while since they've had the whole squadron together. He then tells Lilia and Amelia to give them the sit rep. After some talk, Robert tells all Elements to deploy at once and to take care of the enemies surrounding the transports and bring them in and they're counting on them.

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