"This is a special laser that reaches a long distance, but beware that it has no power to penetrate."
Harry's description of this weapon in the shop.

The Ripple Laser is a unique special weapon in Airforce Delta Strike which can only be used by the VIC VIPER. The weapon is similar to rockets; it is a straight firing projectile that deals heavy damage to enemies. Upon selecting the weapon, a cross appears on the screen, showing a rough estimate of where the weapon will aim upon being fired.


The Ripple Laser is, as mentioned, best equated to the rocket weapon; the weapon has no homing capabilities whatsoever, and flies in a straight line. It does have noticeable differences compared to rockets, however; firstly, it travels slower than rockets do. However, it has a wider hitbox, and can penetrate enemies and terrain. Like rockets, kills with the Ripple Laser confer a x3 cash bonus, but considering how slow the things travel, it's often not really worth the hassle on any plane that isn't a fixed-flight craft like a bomber.


  • Deals heavy damage with splash
  • Can be used on both air and ground targets, if you're good at aiming them
  • Lots of shots, even moreso than most special weapons at 100 shots
  • X3 cash bonus can get you large amounts of money
  • Penetrates objects and enemies, unlike rockets


  • VERY difficult to aim, no guiding
  • Projectiles are much slower than rockets, making it even harder to aim against airborne targets


  • This weapon is a clear homage to the Ripple Laser from the Gradius series; though, with several key differences. The Ripple Laser from Gradius fires much faster projectiles with a trailing effect behind the projectiles themselves, and with generally different colors. The Gradius incarnation generally has a much higher rate of fire. Also, the VIC VIPER was much more well known for using the Laser weapon, rather than the Ripple Laser that would turn up moderately frequently in later installments.
  • Despite Harry's description, this weapon can in fact penetrate objects and enemies. This is likely a translation error.
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