"Operation Guardian" Rail Road is a mission for the 1st Element of Delta Squadron in Airforce Delta Strike.


The E.D.A.F. army has temporarily seized the Ariana Railroad to use trains to move survivors and civilians out of the ruins of Area: NB-53 which was destroyed in BLUE WING KNIGHTS. Nearly every military unit has been relocated and the next train should be the last, but Area: NB-53 is already under enemy control and it's likely they will be targeting this one. The operation has been directed by Commodore Martin and the mayor of Lugerde, both of whom should be on the last train. Delta Squadron 1st Element is subsequently dispatched to protect the train as it escapes thanks to the prop planes and VTOLs of Jamie Jones and Alex Levine respectively. Rick Campbell is ordered to fly on ahead as an outrider due to the speed of his planes. During the mission, 1st Element encounters armed trains used by the Illastria Railroad Guard Party to attack the train. They also encounter three VTOLs used by Ganos to attack the train as well. 1st Element eventually manages to take out enough enemies to ensure the train makes it safely, completing the mission.


This mission isn't too hard, for the most part, you just have to take out enemies that attack the train. It's best to take out the enemies as early as possible before the train gets close to where they are. Later in the mission, a large rock falls from the canyon and blocks the train's path. Destroy it when you can before the train reaches where it is. Up ahead are three VTOLs waiting in place for the train. Shoot them all down as quickly as possible as they can do more damage to the train than the armed trains since they attack it with missiles instead of machine guns. Up ahead are more armed trains you should take out quickly. You can complete this mission without destroying all of the enemies if the train clears the battle zone, but it's still best to take out as many enemies as possible to earn money. Either way, you complete the mission if the train survives.

Enemy List

Enemy Unit Number HP Score
Armed Train 11 D 8,000
Rock 1 D 1,000
Yak-38 "Forger A" 3 C 16,000
M-17 "Mystic" 1 C 30,000


The reward for this mission is 40,000 credits plus a variable amount depending on the number of enemies taken out and the type of weapon that was used to take them out. If the mission was completed with Jamie Jones, his P-51D Mustang is unlocked for 96,000 credits. If the mission was completed with Rick Campbell, his MiG-25PDS "Foxbat E" is unlocked for 175,000 credits. And lastly, if the mission is completed with Alex Levine, his Yak-38 "Forger A" is unlocked for 160,000 credits.


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  • If the player attacks the armed trains with missiles from the side, the missiles can sometimes pass through the armed trains without damaging them.


  • This mission, alongside its Intercept are the only missions in the game that can be played on two different phases since they are available on Phase 3 if the player rests without completing them on Phase 2.


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