The Dassault Rafale C is one of the variants of the original Rafale. This variant is a simple single-seating land-based variant, being one of few single-seating Rafales in existence (With another being the carrier-capable Rafale M). This aircraft only appears in Airforce Delta Storm, alongside another Rafale variant, the Rafale B.


The Rafale C looks no different from the other Rafales; it possesses two delta-shaped wings, front canards, and a single vertical stabilizer. It also has a twin engine design. As noted, this is a single-seater, as opposed to the B's two-seater.


Actually the worst of the Rafales in this game. Compared to the Rafale B, it only has a slight bit of increased mobility going for it; otherwise, all stats are inferior to the B. Not to mention, all stats are inferior to the Super Rafale as well. The fact this thing has a pitiful 1 range isn't helping it. Even so, the Rafales have a hard time standing out because you most likely have WAY better unlocked, such as the F-15S/MT Active if you find the particular hidden airbase in the first chapter.


Type Stats
Attack: Medium-low
Defense: Medium-high (3700 HP)
Speed: High
Power: Medium-high
Mobility: Medium-high
Missile: 50
Ability: No
Range: 1

Note: There are no differences in stats between the US and PAL versions.

Enemy Appearances (Missions)


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