This page is referring to the Rafale model from Airforce Delta that lacks a letter designation. For the Rafales that appear in Airforce Delta Storm, see Rafale B, Rafale C, and Super Rafale.

The Dassault Rafale is a French aircraft created in the wake of the Eurofighter project. France, originally a part of the Eurofighter program, backed out of it, due to the Typhoon being unable to launch from catapult-equipped Carriers, which is what the French still possessed instead of STOVL Carriers. As a result, Dassault made this aircraft, which is quite similar to the Typhoon, though different in many other aspects. It actually entered service before the Typhoon. This particular model, which lacks a letter, only appears in Airforce Delta.


The Rafale, obviously, has many design similarities with the Typhoon; A delta-winged aircraft with a single vertical stabilizer. It possesses front canards, and a twin-engine design.


A decent aircraft, though it has problems competing with the F-15S/MT you already have unlocked by this point in the game. Compared to similar European aircraft like the Gripen and the Typhoon, the Rafale has less mobility and speed than the Gripen, though higher power and defense. Compared to the Typhoon, it has higher mobility and defense, but less speed and power. Overall, a decent aircraft.


Type Stats
Speed: Medium-high
Power: Medium-high
Defense: Medium
Mobility: Medium-high

Enemy Appearances (Missions)



  • Although this particular Rafale isn't given a letter designation, the most likely candidate for which model it is would be the Rafale M, a single-seater carrier capable variant of the original Rafale. Evidence to this includes how this is a single-seating Rafale (The only other variant in the series would be the Rafale C, which isn't carrier capable) and the fact that this aircraft appears as an enemy in Federation Fleet Obstruction, alongside several other carrier-capable jets.
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