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The RF-4C Phantom II was an all-weather reconnaissance version of the F-4 Phantom II. It appears in Airforce Delta Storm and Airforce Delta Strike.


The RF-4C looks identical in design to the other F-4 variants. Big, bulky, rear wings connected to the vertical stabilizer unlike most other planes which have their rear wings on their sides, twin-engine design, two large, slightly curved wings. Everything is basically the same aside from the paint jobs.

Notable Appearances in Missions

Airforce Delta Storm

Target RF-4s appear in Nullify the Spy Planes and Streets of Rust. They are targets in both missions and they all fly in fixed patterns around the cities their respective missions are set in.

Airforce Delta Strike

E.D.A.F. RF-4Cs appear in Roller Games. They fly around the mission area and their role in the mission is unknown.


Airforce Delta Storm

Airforce Delta Strike

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