This page refers to the enemy craft. If you are looking for the mission with the same name, see R-Mite (Mission).
"Code... unknown! What? Some new kind of...? No data. Suspect craft to be of new design. Details unknown. Exercise caution around the unspecified R-Mite unit!"
Amelia Johnson, R-Mite

The R-Mites are an advanced, new form of weapon developed by the 8th Experiment Army Division in Airforce Delta Strike.

The R-Mites were developed late in the war, seeing use in the last leg of the battle on Earth, as well as the eventual battle against the O.C.C. space fleet.


R-Mites are crab-like manned vehicles which serve as anti air platforms. They can be customized to several other roles, such as ground attack. However, more often than not, they are used for anti air purposes only.

They attack with what is described as an "optical weapon". In practice, the R-Mites ostensibly fire lasers that behave identically to missiles for the most part. However, the prototype R-Mite model (The Type-AX) and a later R-Mite model (Type-A2, encountered in Battle of Under Ground) instead attack by firing a laser directly into the air. The laser then flies at the target at high speed, being nigh-undodgeable.

R-Mites' appearances vary; The original R-Mite, the Type-AX, are large and gray in color. Later ones range from orange to bright silver, with a variety of sizes.


R-Mites are first encountered during an Intercept prior to Turning Point. They are noted to be a new experimental weapon, much to the shock of Amelia Johnson. There are three R-Mites encountered. These models of R-Mite, the Type-AX, are large and silver in color. They have the aforementioned "Fly straight up, then fly at target" type of attack. They are noted to have incredible offense, but poor defense.

They make a minor appearance in Up Stream, acting as glorified SAMs for the Chiron Lift. These particular models are quite small. They are give the designation "Type-A2".

They are next encountered during the E.D.A.F.'s attempts at reaching space. They launched an attack on the Uranometria base, displaying an ability to fly. They latch onto the Heavy Lift Vehicle, Starlight, and attempt to hack into the craft to prevent the launch. In the end, these units are destroyed by Delta. These are also known as the "Type-A2", but they have a noticeably different design than the ones from Up Stream. They are much larger, and are a yellow-orange color.

They make minor appearances in both Battle of Under Ground and Mother Ship. These particular R-Mites are known as, again, the "Type-A2" and "Type-AL" respectively. The A2s revert back to the "Fly up and straight" weapon type, like the Type-AX. The Type-ALs, meanwhile, behave like the other R-Mites. The two crafts are both particularly large, and silver colored. This is the last the R-Mites are encountered.

Combat Overview

When it comes to R-Mites, they are ostensibly just glorified SAMs, for the most part. The only major difference is their size and durability, discounting the AX and BoUG A2. When dealing with them, it's best to just treat them like very durable SAMs.

The Type-AX and BoUG A2, meanwhile, are very annoying enemies. Their attacks are practically undodgeable due to the awkward way they are deployed. Caution is advised around them; attacking them from outside of their lock on range is a good way to deal with them effectively.

List of R-Mite models

  • Type-AX: R-Mite Original prototype, encountered in R-Mite.
  • Type-A2: R-Mite (v1) Small version. Encountered in Up Stream.
  • Type-A2: R-Mite (v2) Same name, but different model. Larger attack model encountered in Departure and Decision.
  • Type-A2: R-Mite (v3) Again, same name, but counts as a different model. This model has the original weapon of the Type-AX. Encountered in Battle of Under Ground.
  • Type-AL: R-Mite Large model. Behaves the same as the other R-Mites. Encountered in Mother Ship.



  • The R-Mites from the cutscene "Broken Wings" are depicted with the ability to attack with machine guns. In-game, however, they can only attack with their optical homing weapons.
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