This page depicts all scripted dialogue in the mission Priority in Airforce Delta Strike.


Ruth: Hmm? Who's that over there? ...Oh, the Commander and Lilia. What are they talking about?

Robert: All right, Lilia, Amelia... What's the situation?

Amelia: Let's see... A large number of noncombat ships were left at the front when it expanded. We've begun evacuation. But since the enemy controls the airspace there, these ships are in dire straits. They're requesting rescue, but... Since airborne relief gives precedence to high-priority ships, they've pretty much been left on their own.

Lilia: That's why we got the call. There are medical ships in there, so if possible, I'd like to give them direct cover...

Ruth: [offscreen] (Medical ships?! Are they actually attacking our wounded now?!)

Robert: Hmm. Everyone's plane is in maintenance except for Ruth's.

Lilia: I can't send anybody right now. I'm not attempting a relief mission in hostile airspace without proper air power...

Ruth: (Don't say that! What about the wounded...?!)

Lilia: We can't afford to lose any of our pilots.

Robert: Yes...I guess you're right. Luckily, it's just a request and not an out-and-out order. Maybe when we get some more planes available...

Ruth: (Commander, no! That'll be too late!)

Lilia: Well, it's too bad we couldn't help. I'll let them know we can't assist at this time. Thank you, Amelia.

Amelia: Yes, ma'am.

Ruth: (How... how can they just stand back and watch people die? I can't let them do this!)

Robert: Let's see, now...

Ruth: [appears onscreen] Excuse me, sir!

Robert: Oh, hello, Ruth. What is it?

Ruth: I lost something. I thought I'd check for it here. (I'm sorry, Commander.)

Robert: Of course, of course! Come right in. Shall I help you look?

Ruth: Oh, no, sir... It's nothing important, anyway... (Let's see...what sector...? Ah, here we go! Area OC-11...)

Robert: Okay, if you say so. Well, look around all you like.

Ruth: Thank you, sir. (...Great, now I know where it is. And I won't even need to refuel!) [smiles] I found it, sir. Thank you very much.

Robert: [smiles] That's good to hear.

Ruth: Well, sir, please excuse me. [Robert leaves and Ruth turns serious] (Ruth Valentine, you're going to cover those medical ships until they can withdraw!)

[briefing ends]


Medical Ship Captain: Mayday! Mayday! This is Matrix. We are under attack! Repeat. This is Matrix. We are under attack. Request assistance! Hit to the starboard side! What's our damage?

Medical Ship Crewmember: Fire on starboard, but hull is secure! Still seaworthy!

Medical Ship Captain: Okay, but what are they doing?! We're completely neutral! Anyone! We need assistance! I-is there anyone who can help?! This is Matrix, a medical ship... We're under attack! Help!

Leon: Too late! Hwa ha ha!

Medical Ship Captain: This is Matrix. Our radio is malfunctioning. We can't hear you! I repeat. Our radio is malfunctioning. We cannot hear you! This is Matrix. Our radar is weak, but coverage is wider than yours. We'll report as much as possible from here.

Leon: Hwa ha ha! Down you go! Down! Backup can't help you now! Ah, Delta? Perfect! I'm in the mood for some fun!

Ellen: You've got orders to sink that ship?

Leon: Sure! They make easier targets when they're laid up in bed!

Ellen: Copy that! For the OCC!

Leon: Right, for the OCC!

EDITORS NOTE - The following dialogue may sometimes appear in different orders.

Medical Ship Crewmember: Hit to starboard aft!

Medical Ship Captain: Evacuate patients to the cabin! Start with the ones that can walk! Seriously wounded will be helped by two staff members! Be careful! Any more damage and it won't just be the ship. The patients will...

Medical Ship Crewmember: Picking up something on radar! New signals!

Medical Ship Captain: How many?!

Medical Ship Crewmember: There're...fighters! Lots of them!

Giuseppe: Jackal, come in!

Leon: Ah! Commander!

Giuseppe: How's Doll doing?

Leon: You tell her it's for the OCC, and she'll do anything! She's one badass lady...

Giuseppe: If she wasn't, she'd be no use to us!

Leon: I know, but...

Giuseppe: Tell the rest of the crew that it's a camouflaged destroyer.

Leon: Sir! All units! The target is an enemy destroyer! Don't be deceived! Proceed with the attack!

Medical Ship Captain: Something on radar! Another new signal! Just what are they up to? Surely this medical ship isn't the real target? It's nothing to them!

Medical Ship Crewmember: Aft cabin's taken a hit!

Medical Ship Captain: What?! That's where the evacuated patients are...! God dammit! What the hell are they targeting us for?

Medical Ship Crewmember: Well it's the war... I guess...?

Ellen: (if shot down) What's going on?! I'm hit! Argh, punching out!

Leon: (if Ellen is shot down before him) All that trouble to get her and it's hardly worth it!

Giuseppe: (if Ellen is shot down before him) She's only a doll! What do you expect?! (if shot down) Dammit! Punching out!

Leon: (if Giuseppe is shot down before him) Commander, are you okay?! Leave the rest to me!

Ellen: (if Giuseppe is shot down before her) Lizard, are you okay?

Leon: (if he is the first or second ace to be shot down) Out of control! Punching out!

Giuseppe: (if Leon is shot down before him) Jackal! You've got a way to go!

Ellen: (if Leon is shot down before her) What are you looking at?! Focus!

Leon: (if shot down after Giuseppe and Ellen are) Nothing can help you! Even if you shoot me down!

Medical Ship Crewmember: (if Giuseppe, Leon, and Ellen are all shot down) Captain, fast moving radar signals have disappeared.

Medical Ship Captian: (if Giuseppe, Leon, and Ellen are all shot down) Hmm, the rest are just small-fry. Do something!

[the mission comes to an end after approximately 3 minutes and 30 seconds into it and the following dialogue takes place]

Medical Ship Crewmember: Enemy is closing in!

Medical Ship Captain: What?!

Medical Ship Crewmember: T-there's no time to evacuate!

Medical Ship Captain: Arghhhh! [dies along with everyone else on the ship]

Giuseppe: (if not shot down by this point) Mission successful! Head back to base!

Leon: (if not shot down by this point) Great job, I guess! Ha!

Ellen: (if not shot down at this point but Giuseppe and Leon are) Enemy successfully wiped out! Mission accomplished!

[mission ends]

[post-mission cutscene begins when the player exits the replay]

Ruth: Arrghhh! [the medical ship is destroyed] The ship?! What about the ship? [she flies closer to the remains of the ship to get a better look] No way... What the... No, it can't be... I thought I could do something... I thought I could help...! ...You'll pay for this! God damn you...!

[post-mission cutscene ends with a shot of the destroyed ship]


[at runway]

Robert: ...

Lilia: [angry] Well, what do you have to say for yourself, Lieutenant Valentine?

Ruth [remorseful] I'll take full responsibility. I'm ready to accept any punishment.

Lilia: Officially, we handled it as a dispatch in response to a request. And we expected casualties, so I can get you off the hook.

Ruth: And about me going out without permission...?

Lilia: You're a vital part of this team. That's why we aren't going to press charges. But that's just the "official" side. [on the verge of tears] Personally, I'm really mad! No plan, out there all by yourself! The worst part is you gave them hope and couldn't save them!

Ruth: ...!

Robert: [offscreen] ...Lilia.

Lilia: She has to hear this! She ignored her duty as element leader! What would you have done if you died out there, Valentine?!

Ruth: ...

Robert: That's enough, Lilia.

Lilia: Don't you realize we can't afford to lose you? You should've been thinking like a lieutenant! Don't you value our cause?

Robert: [appears onscreen and is angry] ...That's enough, Major Mihajlovna!

Lilia: [on the verge of tears] ...If you ever do anything like this again, I'll have you locked up! That's a promise! [leaves]

Robert: ...

Ruth: Commander Williams... I...

Robert: [calms down] Don't take it too hard. Ever since she heard you went out by yourself, she's been worried sick about you.

Ruth: Gee, sir...

Robert: I think I understand why you did what you did, and I can imagine what happened out there. I won't press you on it.

Ruth: But, Commander...!

Robert: I will say one thing. If you let something like this beat you down, you wouldn't be holding a candle to your father.

Ruth: !!

Robert: All I want is for you to think. Think about what you really should be doing, and what you need to do to get there. Get some rest. I'll leave you for now.

Ruth: [angry] But... I don't know what I should be doing! [sadly] Oh, Dad...

[debriefing ends]

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